(late) Monday miscellany: tiny readings





Made me puke. You?


Thanks to Carol Adams’ Facebook for this ridic link.

Thanks to the THREE! friends who posted this on FB! So not surprising, and another reason to eat real food, duh.

3 Responses to “(late) Monday miscellany: tiny readings”

  1. brittany

    Uniform project looks very neat.

    William Saletan is, and has always been, a colossol douche. Luckily, nobody pays attention to him. Oh, right, except the NY Times.

    I love the new BK ads, they’re quite clevery. I just wish they were for veggie burgers.

    The atheist article is great. Question: In your opinion, can someone be both an atheist and spiritual?

    • lagusta

      Oh, Brittany, I knew you would love those ads!! I can’t stands ’em…I think because the woman looks lIke a blow up doll and…and…and they freak me out in every way– but I’m happy to have a pal who doesn’t think the same way I do on everything.

      Re: atheism and spirituality: YES! I think so, totally! I don’t happen to be spiritual at all, but I think for some people not believing in some dumb god only deepens their spirituality… It makes it more personal, you know?

      Sent from my phone—I heartily apologize for any typos herein!

  2. lagusta

    and I am madly in love with that uniform project—some of the comments are from idiot fashiony haters, though, I’m going to make it a mission to post positive comments. Isn’t she a ridiculous cutie, with all her hats and flats?


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