Monday Miscellany: serious is the random


Rasta resto in B-more!

David Byrne’s blog is everything a blog should be: smart and informed and stylish and personal. I don’t know exactly that our interests overlap so much, but I’m still really liking it, and how nice is that?


I’m always curious about what everyone is doing with their pubes, aren’t you? Of course. So you’ll be as interested as I was to read this Feministing thread all about this very topic. I don’t understand how people can spend all this time shaving and waxing and shit—who has the time?

AND! You know how I’m shaving my legs these days? WTF, leg hair—can we talk? Why do you reappear in mere minutes after shaving? I know it’s weird that I’m only starting to shave my legs at age 31, but I really thought I wouldn’t have to shave, like, every day. Between constant stubble and that I refuse to shave above my knee, my legs are pretty ridiculous looking still, which hasn’t stopped everyone in my life from being stunned/amazed that I’m shaving at all.


Heirloom bean blog! Super fascinating.


HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Wow wow wow wow wow wow puke puke wow wow. (via TBTL!)


Want to hear the cutest thing my moms has ever said?
“When I was younger I tried to suppress my optimistic nature, because I wanted to be an existentialist. But now I don’t try anymore.” Aww—how adorable is it to have a mom who wanted to be an existentialist when she was a kid?


Another Feministing find, isn’t this quote beautiful?:

War is easy to abhor, but it takes a serious passion to unravel the tangles of financial manipulations and to understand the pain of sweatshop workers or displaced farmers. And maybe this is what heroism looks like nowadays: occasionally high-profile heroism in public but mostly just painstaking mastery of arcane policy, stubborn perseverance year after year for a cause, empathy with those who remain unseen, and outrage channeled into dedication.



I can’t wait to see this movie about women surfers. The trailer is just about the most rad thing I’ve ever seen.


3 Responses to “Monday Miscellany: serious is the random”

  1. Bee

    I’m glad I read earlier posts first, when the pieces were sort of smart and entertaining back when you weren’t abbreviating and short handing everything. Man that underground real world is such a lazily typing one.

    • lagusta

      You know what? You’re under no obligation to read my blog! Bye!

    • lagusta

      Also: I seriously don’t get what you’re talking about. Where do I abbreviate? Being called a lazy typer I will not stand for: prove your point!


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