everyone awesome loves Howard Zinn, end of story.

Heya sweethearts!

As is my custom, I will balance out my intense screaming anger below with this sweet post.

Look at this box!


It made my day of lawn mowing and housecleaning and Sotomayor-whining all sparkly and lovely for two reasons:

1) How stoked would you be to get your gorgeous screen printed t-shirts in a box with a Howard Zinn quote on it? I’d be super duper stoked. Even better:

2) This quote has been my email signature for years (I think I copied it out of the Zinn Reader, but I can’t find it right now), and even if it’s not true, I’m going to say that the super radical (on all levels) screen printing VG Kids peeps, from whence this box comes, were first pointed to its wonderfulness by me when I ordered some super rad pins (yeah yeah, I have to order more so you can buy them, I know!! It’s on my list!) from them in 2007. This quote gets around, I tell ya: once I did a Freecycle deal with a cute local girl, then the next time I saw her post on the Freecycle list she had the quote in her email too. I think that’s wonderful–we all need more inspirational Howard Zinn in our lives. Anyway, even if the VG Kids didn’t get the quote from me, I’m still overjoyed that they found it and put it on their boxes. Oh, small lovely companies, how you do my heart proud.

Spread the word: use VG Kids for your printing needs! Order all your swag from them, bands and companies and festivals! They are in Michigan and lovely to work with and political as all get out.

4 Responses to “everyone awesome loves Howard Zinn, end of story.”

  1. kt

    i pretty much totally disagree with you about sotomayor … but
    i totally agree about howard zinn howard zinn howard zinn!

    • lagusta

      KT, with my whole entire heart I hope you are right and I am wrong about Sotomayor! I keep waiting for someone to prove me wrong about Obama, though, and…well, we all know how that’s going.

  2. Dani

    howard zinn, yes! love the quote, got wise to it from your e-mail (and that great Muriel Rukeyser quote, too, they both loop in my head when I’m feeling down).

  3. Moom

    i’ve added this to my source list for printing. thanks, L.
    gonna see if black gold can use them too.


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