affirmation/emancipation proclamation of self-determination in order to facilitate resiliency when faced with idiocy



Dear no one you know:

I know that my mere presence makes you feel guilty about the choices you’ve made in your life. This doesn’t mean that you can be passive aggressive and snide to me just because I remind you that a person can be happy and fulfilled while also being highly ethical and taking the hard path you are too weak to follow.

Dear Lagusta:

Whilst hanging out with above person, remember that “when you’re in the right you can afford to keep your temper, and when you’re in the wrong you can’t afford to lose it.”

Repeat under breath as needed.

Go forth!

[Related: this can also work as an affirmation to all those fucks who are all “I don’t eat much meat…” when all you want to do is eat a damn vegan meal in peace. How annoying are those people???]

8 Responses to “affirmation/emancipation proclamation of self-determination in order to facilitate resiliency when faced with idiocy”

  1. kevin

    If I had a buck for every time I heard “I don’t eat much meat” or “I could live without meat” (then why don’t you?) I’d have a plethora of money. If I combine that with the “How do you get your protein” dollar-per pool, I’d be realllly rich!

    BTW Saw you guest blogged sort of at the GirlieGirlArmy. I was kind of taken aback. Weird.

    • lagusta

      HA! Yes. And don’t forget all the “that sounds too hard, I could never do it” cash we could be raking in. I used to get “can you eat bread?” a lot too but that’s slowed down a bit, thank god. I’m sure the “your shoes are leather” people are still around though…

      I know, Girlie Girl Army. I thought about it thusly: if I don’t like that they embrace, say, Skinny Bitch, what better way for them to change than by embracing, say, me?

      I want all those girlie girls to buy feminist chocolates, yes I do!

  2. Bee

    You should order in all your meals or get take-out and run. Eating alone is so much cooler than trying to educate people or actually have, say, a conversation with them. Gotta run, time for some bone marrow butter! I won’t each much, though.

    • lagusta

      Oh sweetie. It’s endearing how you think you’re going to rile me up. I was such a kind, patient, educating, conversation-having person for like FIFTEEN YEARS. I was the sweetest, most educationy vegan you’ve ever met. People didn’t seem to be getting any smarter, so I got meaner. Want to know the truth? I’ve converted about as many people (oodles!) to veganism with vinegar as I ever did with, um, agave syrup.

      I’m not a vegan spokesperson any more. I’m just a person who choses not to eat animals. I could care less what the fuck you’re eating on toast, to be honest—you’ve got your own karma to worry about. I just want to be free to eat how I eat without people’s idiotic guilty consciousnesses bothering me.

  3. Bee

    Ah, well, I wish I could dismiss people as easily with underestimation (and I can, but I’m not necessarily ‘pro-animal’ as I am ‘pro-farm’). Speaking of agave syrup, when did you first start ‘using’?

  4. Donna

    Gosh – seems like you can’t even post in peace let alone eat in peace. I don’t understand what Bee is getting at – what is pro-farm (and if you are not pro-animal, why read this blog ?)


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