Monday Miscellany


The weirdness of Google Alerts never fails to amaze me—what exactly is this thing that shares my name? I can’t figure it out.


I’m a huge “person is political” sort of person, but Derrick Jensen makes some 100% spot-on points in this article all about the flawed idea that if we all just take shorter showers and compost or whatever we’re actually doing something to combat the massive, systematic hideosities inherent in our current way of living on every level. While I agree with him absolutely and was pretty much blinded by the dazzling brilliance of the piece, nothing says that you can’t work to change society from the root up and compost, right?


Silk sucks! I think I’m the only vegan in the world who never ever uses soymilk (I don’t eat cereal, and I don’t like the taste in baking), so when all my pals suddenly started talking about how Silk (which everyone seems to agree is the best soymilk on the market) was mysteriously not organic one day I didn’t really listen—but what a mess it’s become, argh.


I’ve got a recipe up (and am called a cutie pie) over at Girlie Girl Army–check it! I know, I know, they are so….femmy! But, as I said in a comment when Kevin expressed surprise at seeing it, “I thought about it thusly: if I don’t like that they embrace, say, Skinny Bitch, what better way for them to change than by embracing, say, me? I want all those girlie girls to buy feminist chocolates, yes I do!” And now I’m quoting myself from a blog post two posts down from this post.


That’s all for this week, darlings—I’m taking off on a little vacation tomorrow. Weirdly, I anticipate beaucoup de blogging, as it’s a visiting-Jacob vacation, which means time to screw around on the internet while he works. Fun!


15 Responses to “Monday Miscellany”

  1. brittany


    i think it is a hawaiian sting ray of gorgeousness beauty.


    We heart you… and FYI.. we are totally femmes… and TOTAL feminists. Our “GirlieGirl” moniker covers up the guerrilla interior of some righteous activists for human and animal rights.

    • lagusta

      Aww, I heart you, Chloe! And I totally feel the feministy vibe, for sure. I adore that the animal rights/vegan world is diverse these days–I’m somewhere in between Birkenstocks and stilettos (I hate them both, actually, I’m a cute flats kind of a girl!) and love that vegans are transcending the stereotype of dirty hippies through sites like yours. (No meanness intended to dirty hippies, of course…um, well, maybe just a tad bit…)

  3. Veronica

    1) That drawing is oddly cute and amusing.
    2) Mmm, that eggplant pate sounds great!
    3) Is that the WDST Utopia building?

  4. Les Wolrend

    Derrick Jensen is wonderful isn’t he? I would absolutely recommend any of his books, they’re remarkably potent and lucid, and extremely readable. I’d also like to hear your assessment of them.
    Also, I’m a vegan whose with you on soy milk (and soy generally for the most part, except my beloved tempeh).
    Still waiting for your debut on New Paltz News…Couldn’t you and Rachel offer some cutting edge wisdom on the state of town politics?

    • lagusta


      Veronica: yes!! I guess it is the WDST building, though I didn’t realize it until you said that.

  5. Randal Putnam

    I think political action is most effective when the politician, lobbyist, constituent or customer lives in accord with what is being advocated. Sincerity, I think it is called.

    I do little things as an individual. I often secretly expect others to do the same and sometimes I have the guts to ask others to do the same. Some others are politicians. Others work in corporations. It all flows to all corners.

    Governments are organizations of people defined by geography. Corporations are organizations of people defined by capital allocation. People, in the end. People who see what we do, hear what we say and then do whatever it is they will do. We can’t force people to do things. Maybe for a moment, but the moment will be short lived. Better to have them conclude for themselves that change is required. Like a funny video on youtube. Funnier when you “discover” it. Not so funny when someone else asks you to watch it. How best to influence people without letting them know they have been influenced? Sincerity. Live right and others will take notice. I am convinced that there is no better way.

    I like Mr. Jensen’s piece and I hope it convinces people to do more. I hope it convinces me to do more.

    Thanks for sharing it.

  6. Jordan

    I will never buy Silk again. I loved it until I read. I picked up some Coconut milk from Turtle Mountain. It was almost the same cost as Silk. And the taste is out of Sight! I also enjoy Westsoy. But wil steer clear of Silk. Thanks for the heads up!

  7. Rachel Rabbit

    I don’t understand the soy. Or “soy burgers” or whatever other horrible soy product food replacement they try to sell us. Or why meat eaters thing veggies are infatuated with soy. Or why people try to ask me about tofu, which I eat only when I get Thai food. I put almond milk in my oatmeal daily, it is pretty tasty. How did the soy thing start? Maybe it was the 70s.

  8. Randal Putnam

    I drink Silk soymilk. Silk offers both organic and “natural.” The natural isn’t certified organic, but it is non-GMO.

    I know Lagusta thinks people should spend more on food, but some people cannot. For these people, the dollar a quart savings might be enough to get them to drink soymilk instead of cows milk. I suspect the impact on cows and the earth is greater in the production of cow’s milk than using non-GMO but not certified organic soybeans in the production of soymilk, but that is just a guess.

    I currently organic Silk, but who knows what tomorrow brings!

    • lagusta

      Yeah, I’m right with ya. I simultaneously want people to spend more (double sounds about right) on food, and want to have an understanding that it’s just not possible for some people. If we removed subsidies for farmers to produce, say, milk that goes to waste and the like and put them toward, say, organic food, that would certainly be a start toward affordable and sustainable food.

      • Jordan

        Amen on the subsidies Lagusta! I bet if we got Rid of those Subsidies from the meat and dairy we could fund health care!

  9. Joshua May

    Well, I landed in USA last Wednesday, and somewhat blindly ended up with Silk (after trying Pearl).. it was pretty horrible. I’m trying Trader Joe’s”s”s’s’ brand stuff now which seems okay, albeit watered down. I’m racing toward your non-soy milk-consuming ways though, as the situation is pretty bleak.

    (I can’t believe “unsweetened” variations are sold as though it’s a total value add)

    I miss the soy milk options available in Australia though. When is someone going to import Bonsoy to USA? Geez


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