mergefest XX fun fun — and shoes too!


Hmm. So I was wrong about that “having a lot of time to blog” thing: as it turns out, I’ve been having fun instead of sitting in front of the computer! Imagine that. Summery fun in the North Carolina (and Philly, and tourbussy) sun! And I’ve got five more days before the iron curtain of work casts its looming shadow over my life—what a gift.

You can follow the summery fun link above if for some reason you want to follow my little adventures, but I have to get something off my chest here: shoes.


More shoes. And you know what? Now that I’ve come clean about my horrible shoe collection to the internet, I feel the need to admit (and possibly atone or tithe or something) every time I buy a new pair. So I’d planned to blog these weird femmy shiny hurty rather officey green mofos, and, um…these other Target-bought-at-the-Salv ones,


when today I acquired these.


My awesome travellin’ pal Mary is sporting the black flats here, the bizarro scroungy vintagey mismatchey blues are my 1-hour-old (to me, at least) FORTY-NINTH pair of shoes. Actually…they might be number 50. I’ve sort of lost track!

All three of the newbies are too small, in truth. Why does the world keep pumping out size 8 shoes that I keep buying when my size is truly 8.5-9?

Luckily, I have a shoe stretcher.


Yes, it’s actually a shoe widener, which I don’t ever need, but it does a pretty good job of stretching out shoes lengthwise too. And I inherited it, how neat is that? Yeah, money from my grandma would have been nice, but a house full of vintage things like shoe wideners, candlesticks, linen tablecloths, and handmade lace is pretty rad too. For some reason I’ve had all this in boxes for the past fifteen years, and lately I’ve been beginning the excavation.

Treasures! They’re everywhere.


9 Responses to “mergefest XX fun fun — and shoes too!”

  1. Katy

    I have those Target shoes too, but in a different color and they are lovely.

    • lagusta

      Really? Wow! I actually just guessed that they were from Target– that means I know the Target brands! Yikes!

      • lagusta

        ALSO!! Did you catch that little red bear? You gave him to me about a decade ago!

  2. Ruby

    I have at last four pair (in varying colors) of those same target brand thrifted wedges (I can’t stilletto, but I wedge almost daily in the summer). They comfy to walk in, just fine for bike riding & I always do a little mashed-potato action in the store to make sure they’re danceable.

    Also, I am a 7.5-8, so you can send your unstretchable too-small hurty shoes to me.

    I really like the sailor ones too.

  3. lagusta

    What is HAPPENING with those wedges? Someone just walked by me wearing a red pair in Athens!!! Wow.

    I don’t have any other wedges, I’m excited to give them a whirl when they get properly stretched out. If it fails, though, I’ll send them to you, Ruby! Also, I’ve read your comment about mash-potatoing to pretty much everyone on tour & they all agree you are beyond adorable.

  4. Monsters

    Hi! everyone

    I was captivated here, your content is so interesting, so, can’t wait to say hi. Thanks once again for sharing your experience.

    Nice shoes by the way, do you think that it looks abit too tight?


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