Monday Miscellany: vacation edition!


Oh, speaking of time off: if you’re going to be at the M. Ward show in Athens, Georgia today or Nashville tomorrow, come by the merch table and say hello to yours truly, whose sweetheart has put her to work selling swag!


Girlfriend vacations are the best. Oh, I miss you two already so much!


Hey, the owner of the Rosendale Café (nope! See below!) has a rad blog all about Rosendale!



You’ve probably already heard about this stupidity, but in case not: Barneys’ windows decorated with the oh-so-edgy “Drop Dead Gorgeous” theme, complete with fake blood and mannequins in contorted poses.


My friend-of-two-friends Amelia (two otherwise unrelated pals who are both pals with Amelia: don’t you love it when that happens?) is having a solo show in Seattle, how freaking rad does it look? “Hollywood Depicted in Needlepoint and Lace”–I don’t even quite know what that means, but it’s just my style, I can tell.


Thanks, Obama! (thanks, for real, to Ilene for the tip)


Monthly vegan cooking competition in Chelsea NYC! (thanks Nelson!)



OK, I’m way too snotty to have an iPhone app telling me what’s vegan at horrid trash chain restaurants (though I ate trash hash browns at Waffle House the other day and was happy I didn’t know where on the griddle they were cooked….I was in Virginia, can you blame me? They were great!), but if you travel in non-vegan friendly places it might be useful—and it has a list of vegan wines & beers!


And an inspiring ending:

Why I adore my mentor Selma: she is gathering the archives of Bloodroot to be archived at Yale, and had this to say about it:

“We are very absorbed in the stuff with Yale, gathering all these memories, letters, writings, photos.  Very strange. I find it somewhat depressing.  Carolanne [her partner] thinks  it is about mortality; I think it feels like a bad thing to spend so much effort on the past, when what I require is new creation for the present and future…”

Selma’s about 73 years old. Every day I’m heartened to know someone who is so stimulated by new discoveries and projects.


11 Responses to “Monday Miscellany: vacation edition!”

    • lagusta

      Aww, thanks for the correction, Sari! I hope we’ll run into each other one day, my kitchen is in Rosendale so I’m there…way way way too much. : )

  1. Veronica

    Aww, cute pics!

    That Rosendale blog is cool, but I’m pretty sure it’s not by the owner of the Rosendale Cafe! The owners of the cafe are Mark and Sue….

    Whoa whoa whoa, is there an iPhone app for pretty much everything?
    That’s actually kind of awesome.

    • lagusta

      Oh really? I just decided that, what’s wrong with me? HA! Thanks for the correction. I feel silly.

      • lagusta

        OH WAIT! you know what’s even DUMBER? I wrote that it was by the owner of Rosendale Cafe, but I meant MARKET MARKET!!!!!! So I was double wrong. Wow. I blame vacation.

  2. kevin is an *awesome* resource for vegan beer and wine and whatnot (and I think is the “source” for the listings in the veganXpress app.)

    Happycow also has a veg-restaurant-finder iphone app thingee that is kind of handy to have – search for VegOut in the iTunes app store.

  3. Jordan

    M ward was just here In Salt lake! And I missed him! And the show was free! I had tango/blues dance that night and everyone was talking about it. And I thought what are we all doing here??


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