Monday Miscellany!

candystore+collectiveYou know what’s crazy?? This is not my photo, but I own a pretty much identical smock! It likes to hang on a clothesline too!

Dudes!!! The blog seems to have become a link dump lately, and for that I most heartily apologize. Regular screaming original programming returning soon—promise!

It’s actually really annoying when bloggers apologize for not blogging, isn’t it? It’s sort of a huge peeve of mine—who cares if you fucking blog or not??—so I’m sorry to do it now. I’m in that post-vacation work/housework/paperwork tornado, and while doing all my chores I’ve been thinking of lots to get angry about/recipes to post/Mad Men thoughts, so I guess I’m apologizing to myself for not getting it together to organize my thoughts on anything.

So whatevs, let’s get to it:


Bitch Magazine on PETA, then Carol Adams on PETA (she, like I, must get so tired of rehashing this over and over and over and over and over. Can we just say it once and for all and be done? PETA IS FUCKED. Done!)


All my BFF farmers (Kira! Billiam! Polly & Jay!) are interviewed in this heartbreaking NYT piece on how big box stores have ruined local organic tomatoes and we will have no tomatoes this year. Veronique and I usually turn 60 lbs of tomatoes into a few gallons of roasted tomato sauce every week that I freeze and use throughout the year. My goal for this year was going to be 800 lbs (100 lbs a week for 8 weeks, it sounds manageable, doesn’t it?), because I constantly run out of tomatoes by March or so. My heart is broken 20,000 times over, and I am steeling myself to pay in gold for what little bit of nightshade love I can get. Argh.  (Thanks for all the alerts to this article!)


Amanda at Pandagon has a great analysis of women and porn, particularly this:

I hate to trot out the term “objectification”, because people really misunderstand what it means, including a lot of feminists who are really fond of it.  It doesn’t mean being looked at with lust.  It means that your subjective reality is dismissed in pursuit of upholding someone else’s, reducing you to an object.

Yeah, I find people constantly are confused by the difference between “we’re making out, please look at me lustfully,” and “you are nothing but a thing to be used for male gazey pleasure.” What a world of difference there is between those two, no? The whole article is super rad really, go read it!


OK, and: did any of you read the New Yorker Nora Ephron profile? It was written by the lovely Ariel Levy, and I was so excited that she said just exactly what I feel about the Julie and Julia book (and now movie): it sorta stinks. I listened to the audio book of the book, and I will go see the movie because (veganosity not withstanding) I am madly in love with Julia Child, but man oh man I found that Julie lady to be, in a word, INSUFFERABLE. I’m disheartened that it seems the movie is a faithful representation of the book—why not a good old fashioned Julia Child bio-pic? Her life had enough drama and intrigue in it to fill up days! Why put in boring claptrap about some blah blah mall-clothes beige office drone?


And this is getting long, but: WOW. This dude is doing some amazing chocolate….stuff. I found out about him through people making fun of me, and now I’m totally obsessed with his work. Fucking amazing, yo.

Je vous adore,


4 Responses to “Monday Miscellany!”

  1. zoe p.

    I love posts that are mostly links! I hate it when those links link to New Yorker articles about Nora Ephron that I can’t read because I still have not renewed my subscription! Fudge!

    • lagusta

      Ah man! I’ve been missing your blog, speaking of non-blogging bloggers! If you want me to send you the J&J article, I will put it right in the mail….but it’s not that amazing, really.

  2. zoe p.

    Hey! I’ve been posting! More than I had! And a lot for someone who doesn’t actually get the magazine!

    I just wanted to read something that said exactly what I ALSO feel about the Julie and Julia hoo-ha, but I guess you already provided that. Even the previews makes Julie look plodding, joyless and calculating in her approach to food (and sex). And writing. I’m not out to make a personal attack, but the film character does not appeal to me. And you’re so right about a pure Julia bio-pic. Even a very conventional one would be something to see.

    But I think I want to make an experimental film about the life of MFK Fisher.

    Also, I started a food blog. I’m afraid it’s kind of dull, but there it is.

    I already linked to you once, and I’m sure it will happen again. This tomato business is depressing. Buy cauliflower!!

    • lagusta

      Oh neat! I just went and checked out both—super rad! I would DIE to watch a movie about MFK Fisher. Also Elizabeth David! What’s wrong with people? Why aren’t these movies being made???


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