open government would be nice, wouldn’t it?

In lieu of a real post about last night’s New Paltz Town Comprehensive Plan Committee meeting, I am just going to copy and paste my half-drunk Facebook updates about it, OK? You’ll get the gist. Brittany and KT and Anya, if you want me to black out your names (sorry to repeat your FB comments to the wider internet, but somehow I don’t think you’ll mind) just let me know.


I didn’t make up that the meeting was supposed to be at the Community Center, people. I’ve got proof! (Also: “Welcome to Town of New Paltz Community Center”? Would a “the” have killed ya?)





…and from there we just started talking about bacon and things in beer, so I’ll spare you that discussion.

I’m frustrated.

That’s it.

2 Responses to “open government would be nice, wouldn’t it?”

  1. kt

    did you happen to ask why the website calendar was completely wrong?

    where is the schedule for those meetings, i need to hit them too if i can

    • lagusta

      KT, I was silenced!! When I walked in at 7:15 all annoyed and pointed out that Margaret and I had been standing at the Community Center, Toni was like “Oh, I have no idea why that was on the calendar.” Hrumph.

      There appears to be no schedule for the meetings, and it’s like pulling teeth to get anyone to tell you when they are. Apparently the next one is in the fall—-I believe Margaret knows more.


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