cuteness is communicable


Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god OH MY GOD. Those paws, that tiny little head—those curls, that vegan-doughnut stomach: the adorableness overwhelms!

Oh my god people. There is some CUTENESS happening that I can’t keep to myself.


First, someone was giving away kittens at the farmer’s market. Yeah, spay & neuter, etc etc, but come on, who can resist a good old-fashioned kitten make-out session once in a while? My sweetheart sure couldn’t– he was doing business on the phone a couple yards away when I walked over with a kitten attached to my shirt and he got off the phone the second he saw a tiny mewling head and demanded I hand her over. We very narrowly avoided adding a fourth cat to our managerie–look at this bond!



And then there’s my mom.

My mother has a full-time job, but outside of that I think it’s safe to say that 97% of her life is devoted to animals in some capacity. She lives with animals, does animal rights work, volunteers in a no-kill shelter as an adoption counselor, and has an intense relationship with the neighborhood creatures who live around her Chicago apartment.


She has a long, complicated, and, hilarious relationship with, for example, the neighborhood squirrels, to whom she spends inordinate amounts of time tossing nuts.


Because she tosses the nuts into a knothole in a tree across the sidewalk from her balcony, she has become an amazing dunker as well–though these days the squirrels know the deal and have become amazing catchers.


What a scamp!


We can’t be the only ones who find squirrels ridiculously cute, right?

15 Responses to “cuteness is communicable”

  1. Marla

    Squirrels are adorable and amazing acrobats. I marvel at them all day from my sunroom where I write and watch them up on the wires everywhere. I’m surprised how many people are squigged out by squirrels. They are super cute!

  2. Joshua May


    I’ve spent way too long chasing squirrels, chipmunks, skunks and a bear with a camera. They just don’t exist in Australia, and you see them in the streets here (okay, not bears, but still). There was even a hedgehog in a pet store! A HEDGEHOG!!

    This continent is filled with supercute rodents.

    • lagusta

      I know, but you have wombats and wallabies! We have a hedgehog that hangs out around our house a lot. I’m madly in love with the dude and could care less what he does to my lawn. And bears sometimes do roam our streets!!!!

  3. Stephanie

    “My sweetheart sure couldn’t– he was doing business on the phone a couple yards away when I walked over with a kitten attached to my shirt and he got off the phone the second he saw a tiny mewling head and demanded I hand her over.”

    This is how you know you found a good one! I totally judge people by their interactions with animals. :)

  4. ASB

    This morning I inadvertantly startled a squirrel & watched as he hopped into the pool, paddled across, and hopped out the other side. I had no idea they were so agile.

    I eat so many peanuts that the backyard squirrels have taken to staring me down with hands in the “pretty please?” position.

  5. danielle

    Loves it!
    Squirrels? I love them!!! Sadly I never have any in my back yard here in Nor Cal – I don’t understand why, there are plenty of trees. We went to Lake Tahoe recently and the highlight, truly, was the evening “floor show” the squirrels put on at our friends’ cabin, wherein they munched down green pine cones in record time, then leapt around from to to tree shrieking. I have never heard squirrels be so vocal. Adorable.

    OK, here’s where i lose a lot of people: I happen to think possums are really freaking cute. I even raised a litter of them when I was a kid living on a small farm and a dog had killed the mother. They would hang upside down from your finger!

    Also, I secretly hate people who don’t find kittens heart-meltingly awesome. The true sign of a black heart.

    • lagusta

      It’s my understanding that only hicks say “opossum”!! :) I only know this because when I moved to NY I’d say opossum all the time and no one knew what I was talking about and finally someone told me that “we call them possums.” WTF!!!
      They are cute though.

  6. Lacey Putnam

    I was just discussing how much I love animals and how all my closest friends happen to love animals as well. If you are not melting from the cuteness of that kitten or squirrel, there is something very wrong.
    I love your mother more and more every time you share about her devotion to animals. The pictures of her and the squirrel are priceless! How is her doggie doing?

  7. lagusta

    Aww, thanks!
    Her doggie, Yonkers, is…very old. It’s getting a little tragic.

  8. Maggie

    oh goodness! it would have been hard to turn away that little kitten.
    I get into trouble all the time when I see pets up for adoption or being given away. I want to take them all in. I already have four cats, so it’s not really a good idea to take in anymore, but if I could I would.
    Squirrels are also adorable!

  9. orlande

    oh GOD, the smell of mew-y kittens in my face! too far? maybe. but my enthusiasm for such a phenomenal phenom cannot be contained!!!!!!


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