Monday Miscellany: cute boyfriend* Tuesday edition

Can I just tell you this insanely cute thing first? A sweet sweet blogreader spotted Jacob in Denver! She recognized him from pictures on this here blog and, knowing his touring lifestyle + knowing that there was a big music festival in her town the day before + seeing as they were both in a veggie restaurant, she put 1 and 1 and 1 together and it all equaled Jacob and I’m just tickled by the whole thing. Jacob reports that he had a frisson of recognition too but didn’t realize it until later when I told him the story and he asked if she was the one who put up pictures on Facebook of her bonbon order. Yes and yes! Small worlds and lovely people!


Someone get that boy a transfat-laden vegan cupcake!

Speaking of the exact opposite, I am hilariously slandered by one of the meanest people in our town on this long long comments thread. I’ve got a lot to say about the whole thing, but I’m going to let it go and focus on more productive tasks. Like:

Everyone totally agrees with me about Julie & Julia (NSFV [Not Safe for Vegans] alert: there is a nasty picture of a dead chicken on that page)! Wow, I’m never so spot-on with the culture at large. I still haven’t seen the movie, though…partially because of the NSFV aspect I know is on display, partially because I am so utterly uninterested in the Julie story.

Also at (and thanks to my amazing editor Brittany for pointing out the janky link), this interview with this dude who says that cooking food is what makes us human, which I have also always believed, which annoys crazy raw people, which is something I like to do, because: they are crazy.

Jacob thinks they stole the idea from me, but I am unconcerned about such stuff, and am super excited that the Feministing crew are doing some AMAZING blogging about Mad Men! Check it!


Also at Feministing, this thoughtful piece on nudity. Ah, I love that site…and being naked.

This American Life from two weeks ago is about… Thruway exit! How bizarre…and interesting! New Paltz is even mentioned!

Speaking of podcasts, my bestest one, TBTL, was canceled last week from their Seattle radio station and is now making a go as a podcast: check it out & keep them in business so I can continue to listen to their lightly hipstery, non-political, pop-culturey, non-annoying voices three hours a day while cooking! (I loves me my Amy Goodman and NPR podcasts, but I need TBTL because it doesn’t make me angry like political podcasts do, which is a good thing when you’re cooking.)


Um…I’m playing hooky from tidying up the “garden” (read: weedland), so that’s it for now, sweethearts!

*Yeah, you know we’re not boyfriend and girlfriend, but “cute partner edition” doesn’t sound as good.


15 Responses to “Monday Miscellany: cute boyfriend* Tuesday edition”

  1. brittany

    princess, for some reason your dates are off and this doesn’t show up at the top — it’s showing up as 9/8. i only found it from where you linked to it from cuteness, i think, and also bc i’m a stalker.

  2. brittany

    also, is the julie/julia link supposed to be an interview with some guy? it was REALLY interesting, but i didn’t see anything about the movie…


  3. brittany

    ok but you should still link to that interview with “some guy”… it was REALLY interesting hahaha

    could i possibly be a bigger stalker? even when it’s not monday, this is on my daily morning rounds (and throughout-the-day-timekiller list). jeez… :)


      • lagusta

        ha! Yeah, that interview was fascinating, was it not? It even made a good feminist point. I’m sort of a stalker, alas. I’d stalk your blog, if there was anything NEW!!!!!

  4. Randal Putnam

    Just for the record, this is Lacey writing:

    I read that long long thread of comments. Was that Steve person the one that you hosted an event for at your home? Weren’t Randy and I there? How can he be so mean and hateful? What kind of public official resorts to personally attacking someone who disagrees with him? Makes me feel so icky all over!

    By the way, as always, you and Jacob are the definition of cuteness. I like calling Randy my husband. Not only because he is my husband, but also because it sounds so “grown-up.” My favorite way to refer to him is “my Randy,” ’cause he is my guy.

    • lagusta

      I had a fucking party for this dude at my HOUSE and he still treats me that way? Truth is: I knew he was an ass (and he knew I knew) even before the party, it was a very rare attempt on my part at being a good person despite knowing the truth—and, in truth, I don’t regret it because he should be on the School Board and maybe my party helped get him there. But things have happened since then, and we’ve had words. Deserved words, I should say. Argh. Small town politics!

      2) I still say that you two are the definition of cuteness!!!

  5. Jordan

    I had to see the film for my work, ( i didn’t have to pay thou). I loved the film when it was Julia but the times when it was Julie were gross! Not only the dead animals and the killing of a live lobster but that woman was annoying! The actress who played Julie was good, Who ever this Julie lady is, in real life, bugs me.
    Meryl streep was wonderul, I couldnt stop smiling when she was on screen.

    • lagusta

      OK, it is properly Netflixed so I can fast forward through the lobstery parts and such…

  6. orlande

    i am so glad jacob didn’t hear me creep out your name accidentally loudly. hoorays for freaky cosmic collisions!

  7. Dan

    Hey there Lagusta,
    As a lifelong resident of our swell little town I read that tempestuous series of comments with feelings of amusement and horror. By the 51st comment all romantic notions of small town, Bookchin-esque democracy had been dismissed, completely obliterated by the remarkable vitriol being slung by and toward members of my community who I respect(ed) and in some cases know personally. That disheartening exchange reminded me why I am a green anarchist and not a Green “anarchist” like yourself (and Jason? That’s hard to believe). Power, even in apparently innocent capacities, seems to appeal mostly to brutes and scoundrels. I too helped to get Steve elected because I appreciated his gutsiness and uncompromising approach. His willingness be so aggressive and personal made me regret my support for him. All in all, an ugly and revealing discourse.
    Anyhow, I read your blog because you are a clever and original commentator and cultural critic. Here’s to the abolition of town hall and the celebration of beet-sauerkraut perogies!

    • lagusta

      Aww. Totally. I’m just trying to find my way in this wilderness of being a radical in a town filled with “progressives” (yuck). Let’s not run for office. I’m with ya.

      Jason once said at a Green caucus that he was an anarchist. Le sigh. All of us hypocrites, settling for second best.


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