Monday Miscellany!


If you want to build a ship, don’t herd people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.

–Antoine de Saint-Exupery

How beautiful is that?

So, with that beginning, here we go:

My bike expert BFF Randy has himself a fascinating and thoughtful brand new biking blog!


If you weren’t lucky enough to go to Mergefest XX, you can check out some lovely videos of most of the bands (mixed by my sweetheart) here!



This sweetie, Leanne, left a comment here a while back, but in case you didn’t catch the link to her site I wanted to point it out: high-fashion gorgeous VEGAN COATS, PEOPLE!!!!! Are you dying? I am dying! I have a constant coat issue (it’s related to the constant winter shoe issue, which, by the way, is as of yet unresolved, even one year later) and know that someday I am going to have to fork over a lot of money just to have a coat I truly love (I have an idea this will somehow magically make me like winter). Sadly for my bank account but happily for everything else, I might have found The One. (On the other hand, my heart also beats wildly when it looks at this one—what say you?)

Also I know a boy who is getting this shirt for Hanukkah:



A cute review of the bonbons here (ignore the vegan ridiculousness….)…

And I have a few more bits of interest, but am too tired from a long week of work (and fun!) to get into them—more soon!


19 Responses to “Monday Miscellany!”

  1. brittany

    ahhhhh you were right, i DO love!!!

    ok, so i personally would pick “the one #1” but i think you would also look adorable in “the one #2.” obviously #1 is fancier and #2 is more casual (and, maybe, less warm due to the shortness). but omg as soon as i am no longer impoverished, i am all about that!!! (oh, and if/when i ever need a winter coat again)

    (also, sadly, i tried the whole winter coat of glory = love and notsomuch.)

    ALSO… i might have already said all this to you, but i LOVE my technica moon boots for winter which are warm, grippy, ambidexterous, vegan and fluorescent pink in case i get buried feet up in an avalanche.

    also also, idk how the selection is, but here’s a search for all vegan shoes at zappos (which i love more than anything in the world, including the great business model, 365 days for returns, free shipping both ways, crazy fast delivery, amazing selection, also amazing prices and last, but not least, the joke of the day) —

      • lagusta

        Argh, here’s another Monday Misc treat I had for you and forgot about! It’s that the New Yorker has this article about Zappos I thought you’d like:

        I haven’t actually read it though, but am excited too–how RAD that they have a whole vegan section!

        Yes, I like those boots a lot but now with the $$ coat and boots…man, I better make some serious chocolates this winter…

      • brittany

        hahahaha i just had this EXACT conversation 3 days ago!!!

        “Oh, hi,” a female caller from New York City said. “I go way back with Zappos. I’ve been shopping with you for years, and I was just wondering—do you do price matches anymore?”

        Jadkowski explained that Zappos had discontinued this policy in February of 2008, after Hsieh decided that he wanted the company to be known for shipping and service, not discount prices.

  2. Dustin

    Coat #1, definitely. Dare I say it? The second one is B-O-R-I-N-G, and won’t solve your winter hatred.

    • lagusta

      Hm…I am also partial to #1, in blue! So pricey but I might take the plunge……I’m very excited!!!!!

  3. ruby

    The second one would go with plenty and be wearable not get as dirty from dragging and it says you can get the “recycled” (used?) black one for under $300. The first one has an open neck – what part of balmy upstate New York do you live in that you can consider an open neck winter coat? Scarves are no substitute for a proper, core-covering winter coat! Justin may be all gay with authority but he lives in DC (and used to live in Asheville?) and while he wants to help he has forgotten that a decision like this won’t just mean you suffer for fashion, you’ll get frostbite from it.

    I want this one:

    In blue. Bad…but my habit or biking as year means I can only justify waist-length, wicking, sport-specific coats. I have a cute one, I’m not complaining. Yet, I see clothes like this & sigh.

    Still looking for warm, waterproof vegan boots that will fit in my stirrups though. Discuss.

  4. Dustin

    OK, Ruby: all of those things might be true about me, but: 1. there’s no such thing as a gorgeous coat that’s perfect for cold-ass weather (I am speaking the truth here, right?). You either get butt ugly or warm, or something in-between possibly, which still means you lose. 2. That second coat is not worth the money. U – G- L -Y ain’t got no alibi. That’s my gay opinion.

    • lagusta

      Wow. OK. I just bought those!!! They were on such a good sale, and had my size, and I did what I never do–whipped out my bank card before even thinking twice! I love Simples, and can’t wait for them to arrive–thanks for the tip!!!!

  5. Christy

    It makes me happy that we’ll be wearing the same pair of boots!! But don’t worry about any akward social situations in which we run into each other, both so gamely attired in Simple–I’m strictly west coast.

  6. Donna

    Hey Lagusta,
    I’ll have samples of the 4 different styles in my store hopefully by mid October. You can come and check them out in person – gives you an excuse to come up to Chatham !


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