That’s all I wanted to say.


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  1. Joshua May

    I love you, cow. [ed: removed gore sequence. Didn’t test well with the consumers]. Om nom nom.

    Finally, something a little less stupid on the excerpt page: Heck, should I even be eating meat at all? and On my cynical days I wonder if there are any truths about becoming a more compassionate carnivore that I can trust.


  2. Marla

    I wonder if it’s possible that people will EVER stop using the word “carnivore” to mean “omnivore”? In a published book, no less. Gets under my skin… Also, any time Nina Planck is one of your admirers, you know you are one of Satan’s minions.

    • lagusta

      I KNOW!!!! My god. I hope they are carnivores though, because, really, how long could someone survive eating 100% meat? ;)

      OOh, bad girl, Lagusta!

      Yes, and OH GOD the very name of The Planck makes me scream.

  3. Randal Putnam

    I wanted so badly to find the book was published by The Onion Press, or maybe written by Stephen Colbert. Sigh.

    While your two word post purrfucktly sums up the matter, the following excerpt from the chapter entitled “Twitching Ganglia” (if Mr. Colbert had written this book, the twitching ganglia would have been in the cow rather than in the author and the reader would have been directed to massage a topical anesthetic into the bundles of cells, once exposed, if only to reduce the pangs of conscience experienced by the bolt gun wielding animal “lover” jonesing for some cow muscle on bread) is interesting:

    “On my cynical days I wonder if there are any truths about becoming a more compassionate carnivore that I can trust. On my less cynical days, I know there are. As I waded through what it means to be a carnivore today, I kept coming back to the one thing that I know to be true: the animals themselves matter. Treating animals with respect and consideration is an act that sends out ever-widening ripples into the world.”

    Light your flame throwers and aim them squarely at me. I’m cold in my house anyway and moving my fingers around the keyboard isn’t helping. I find a faint glimmer of hope in this statement. Not the book, which I haven’t and won’t read, but this statement. If the author changed “carnivore” to “person” it’d be a really lovely statement (taken out of context, mind you). Similarly, I find promise in the work of Temple Grandin. Good to work to improve the lives of farm animals, even as they are lead to slaughter. Obviously the efforts of both Ms. Friend and Ms. Grandin stop well short of complete expressions of compassion and respect, but we shouldn’t ignore the plight of farm animals just because we aren’t asking farmers to raise them.

    Again, I haven’t read the book, but I’m not going to let that stop me from from guessing and supposing. I am just reacting to the title and the blurbs on the website. Same as Lagusta, but with less clarity and more words. That said, I don’t think this book will make things materially worse for farm animals. There may be a few meat eaters starting to question their killing for food spree and stumble upon this book (no doubt it will be prominently placed next to the meat counter at my local co-op). These pernicious few may be comforted by something in the book, thus extending in time their wicked ways. Bad result. If only they’d picked up another book! (Note to self: consider hiding all copies of this book behind a copy of Macrobiotic Microwave Cooking for Dummies where it will be safe for all time or until Wild Oats comes to town and forces my co-op out of business). More likely the huge numbers of people who currently eat animals and will always do so may learn something important and change their buying habits and possibly make the life of a farm animal marginally better. Not the best result, but better than having people buying meat from the worst possible factories. Certainly no vegan I know will buy the book and be convinced to take up their steak knives anew. Once they see it isn’t a parody, books will be flung generally in the direction of book racks, throats will be cleared loudly, possibly twice, and checks will be made of the full perimeters of co-ops, possibly twice, to make certain there were no witnesses. Blushing will be constant and enduring. [If you do take up your steak knife anew, FUCK YOU! YOU KNEW BETTER and YOU ARE PROVING ME WRONG!]

    Enough supposing. My sincerest hope is that Ms. Friend and Ms. Grandin, both of whom are possibly within inches of seeing that a really lovely act of compassion and respect is to not kill animals, wake up to the clear and uncomplicated truth of veganism and share it with their respective audiences. Lagusta’s voice is strong and loud, but she (to date) hasn’t completed the job on her own. We need more vegan voices. Thanks, Lagusta!

    [Alternative two word response: GO LAGUSTA!]

    [Second alternative response: None. Lagusta’s post is fine. No response is required. I just don’t want her to be lonely on-line.]

    • lagusta

      Yo. YES. Let me ask you this. Can both of these things exist:

      -This book might be useful and–gasp–even good for people who are never ever going to stop eating meat, and: -This book is a complete and utter piece of literal trash worthy of being mercilessly mocked by us more evolved vegans?

      I sorta think they both can be true.

      While it’s HILARIOUS that she thinks that eating animals is treating them with “respect and consideration,” of course if everyone ate meat like she does the world would be a better place. Which wouldn’t stop me from saying that meat eaters are idiots, you know? And it also seems like this is yet another addition to the VAST library of “why you don’t have to be a vegetarian” books and…..deep breaths deep breaths deep breaths.

      There’s a place for amelioration and a place for abolition. We’re abolitionists, which sometimes makes it hard to not be constantly angry at the ameliorators, even if in the end they are doing good work.

      We sort of touched on this in that post I wrote when I read that Temple Grandin book, and I said pretty much what you’re saying–if people want to find it they can do a search on this blog on “Temple Grandin.” Searching on terms on terms like “argh argh so fucking annoying but still I learned something about animal behavior and argh argh why can’t everyone think like we do” would probably work too.

      • Sally

        I know you weren’t asking me but yes. Definitely. They can both kind of be true.

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