in which a rabid anarchist appears in….an ad.

Because she so loves small businesses! And her dentist! (Even though he fills her mouth with dead people’s bones!)
And because…how fucking cute is this, if I say so myself???


11 Responses to “in which a rabid anarchist appears in….an ad.”

  1. Dan

    All I can say is oy gevalt though it is a lovely picture.

    I apologize that the rest of this reply has nothing to do with the post but I appreciate your opinion so I’m going ahead with it. Basically I have been troubled all day by the brutal colossus of modernity, factory farming in particular, and my individual inability to do anything about it besides reaffirming my veganness. Though I share your disdain for PETA I almost rethought it, at least they seem to get some results, at least they seem to be holding the fuckers accountable, at least they seem to exercise the leverage that could save lives. But then I remembered how much I dislike PETA. And then I felt powerless again.
    The same goes for our anarchism. Sure it’s satisfying to run around all day speaking freely and thinking defiantly but that also makes me feel isolated and weak. How can the necessary change be brought about?
    In essence, how should we live our lives?

    • lagusta

      Heya Dan.

      Yeah, I feel you. Things like that overwhelm me sometimes too. There is a lot you can do about it besides being vegan, though—ranging from easy things like donating money to groups that promote veganism and expose the meat industry to becoming a full -fledged ALF member!

      Does PETA get results? I wonder. I think groups that are actually doing on-the-ground work, like Friends of Animals, which Dustin works for and maybe aren’t as flashy might get more results in the end. Even if they don’t, the way PETA functions just isn’t part of a world I want to live in.

      There’s a lot to do, and no need to feel powerless.

      My whole blog, and whole life, on the other hand, is about the heartbreaking disconnect between believing in anarchy on a deep level and knowing that people as a whole are just too stupid to make it work. I try, as much as possible, to live my life with principles other than capitalism at its core, but I still live in a society drenched in it. It’s super sad, hard, pathetic, all that. But I have to believe that my little victories—bartering, running my business with ideas other than profit first, caring about how my town is run, analyzing how I live instead of letting my life passively run through my fingers—are the tiny little bricks on which a real life is built.

      I don’t have any hope or optimism that sweet nonviolent anarchists such as ourselves will overthrow the government and all structures of society and lead our people to real freedom any time soon. As I said, we are too stupid, as a culture, to attract enough people to the anarchist sensibility. So I retreat from the world, and build my own world, and some days it works and some days it doesn’t and some days it makes me cry….and some days I’m in an ad! It’s complicated, that’s all I know. And also: it isn’t.

  2. veronica

    Aw, that ad is too adorable! I can’t wait to see it run in Chronogram!

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