Rethink the road ahead, yo. OR ELSE.


For a white hetero dude, he’s pretty OK! (Hey, that’s high praise coming from me!)

Paltzians, dudes, you’ve got to write a letter to the editor in support of Michael Nielson. OK? You know full well the New Paltz Times publishes every letter they get, and you also know that people vote for whoever’s (whomever’s??? Does anyone ever know that shit?) name they have heard more. The New Paltz Green Party had a great meeting with Mike last week and he really walks the environmentalist walk—and knows his shit well enough to know that we don’t have to spend more to make the Highway Department productive as well as eco-friendly. Check out his website, kick him some PayPal monies, and write a letter to the NPT, yo!!!!

As you know, I loathe Democrats both locally and nationally (it’s utterly amazing how in New Paltz they are just as weaseley as they are nationally! The Greens are a bunch of deadbeat freaks, I’ll be the first to admit that, but at least we’re not [except for maybe, oh, two], outright weasels). That said, there is a contingent of seriously progressive non-weasels who are trying to wrest control of their party from the demon clutches of the old guard, and they need to be supported. They seem to me to be real Democrats—that is, little d democrats who truly believe in, you know, de-fuckin’-mocracy. We’ll see.

Anyway, here’s the letter I wrote—no copying!

As a member of the New Paltz Green Party, I am proud to support Mike Nielson for New Paltz Highway Superintendent. Mike recently took the time to fill out the New Paltz Green Party candidate’s questionnaire, which asks detailed questions about issues important to Greens and other progressives in New Paltz (the questionnaire can be found at His answers were thoughtful and detailed and made me proud that we have a candidate running who is so clearly concerned with how the Highway Department can contribute to making New Paltz a more sustainable place to live. He has concrete plans to reduce carbon emissions, control beaver activity with nonlethal means, improve union relations, prioritize using permeable materials for grading and paving and more. I am convinced that Mike will work to make the Highway Department more efficient without scrimping on essential services and will always keep what is best for our town at the root of his policies.

New Paltz

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