Monday Miscellany: beaucoup de mishegoss edition


Strataspore: “A platform for collective knowledge about mushrooms.”


Spend an adorable and seriously heartwarming 20 minutes with this Brooklyny hipstery awesomey shortie, all about abortion!


FUCK YEAH: Barbara Ehrenreich on how “positive thinking has undermined America.” Yep. Totes!! My god, I loves me some Barbara Ehrenreich.


This entire blog will terrify and fascinate you, I promise. Veronica turned me onto it because in this post this seriously mentally insane person explains how many of the little globule-y things I had at Alinea were made. Wowzers.


This Calvin Trillin gem that so perfectly sums up the Roman Polanski mishegoss has been passed around a bit, but in case you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a peek and an “EXACTLY.”


An anarchist’s take on Michael Moore’s new anti-capitalist movie.


Little bit o’ Bonbons press (the blog is also my personal scrapbook, OK?)….


Oh, and here is the cutest, (and also most bizarrely inaccurate) piece o’ Bonbons press ever.(I wouldn’t exactly say that I “made the chocolates in part as a response to friends who voiced their opinion that no one else but Obama could have won the Nobel Peace Prize” though yep, I did have a conversation with someone who said that and yep, I did point out that Vandana should have received it instead, but man, that would have been quick to whip up an entire choco line! But whatevs, that’s a minor quibble in a sweet article.)


Brittany pointed me to these cute vintagey threads. Oh Etsy, je t’adore.


Our local distillery, Tuthilltown Spirits, is now incredibly famous, and deservedly so. Their Baby Bourbon and Manhattan Rye Whiskey are RIDIC. Hooray for local hooch!


I found out about this sweet teeny jam company from Edible Brooklyn–how adorable: Anarchy in a Jar jams. How amazing to be alive when anarchists are practicing their politics by making jam.

It warms my heart, yo.


12 Responses to “Monday Miscellany: beaucoup de mishegoss edition”

  1. brittany

    my god, how i love mondays.

    – that blog is freaking insane. like, WTF. INSANE.

    – yay for bonbons press! i would freaking STALK a house that was giving away BBs, even if they AREN’T individually wrapped and can be laced with cyanide and razor blades.

    – i miss the grist mill general store, though. :(

    – i still don’t think i can sit through that freaking movie. wanna go with me when i get back? then, and only then, might i be able to tolerate it.

    • lagusta

      I miss the girst mill store A LOT. I think it literally closed like 2 months after I moved here. Very sad.

      I don’t think I can get through that movie either! I think the 2 of us would just be sitting there like “FUCKING OBVS!!!!!” the whole time. But yes, when you get back, we should see it, just so we can properly attack those who are technically our allies with more precision.

  2. Christy

    Just to belabor the Roman Polanski thing a little longer–it wasn’t just one girl. The year before he raped Samantha Geimer, he was (I can’t believe Wikipedia phrases it this way) involved in a “romantic relationship” with Nastassja Kinski. She was 15! In the movie Polanski: Wanted and Desired, an interviewer makes brief reference to the time after his wife was murdered, when he went to Europe and consoled himself by preying on students from an all girls school. So? he says, Some people drink, some take drugs. That’s just how I deal with things.

    Nothing I’ve read about him so far really captures that he was CHRONICALLY predatory. It just hugely bothers me, as I know it does most people, that he and his smarmy celebrity friends think it’s OK for him to go around acting like a Greek god because he, well, isn’t he? almost?

    Anyway, I’m moving on.

    • lagusta

      Yeah. At first, as someone who had a massive crush on a 50-year-old when I was around 13, I didn’t want to discount the idea that maybe it wasn’t as sketchy as it sounded but yeah, your point is so true, and also what kills me is the fucking SODOMY. I can sort of believe that she might have been halfway OK with, like, making out with him or something (of course, her testimony, humiliating as it was which is a whole other issue, makes clear that she was most assuredly not OK with what happened before, during, or after), but I’m not sure any girl her age is down with sodomy (though when you’re drugged I guess you’re OK with anything) and that, in the end, is what makes me wish he would just hurry up and die already, holocaust survivor or not.

  3. kevin

    Need to check out some Tuthilltown Bourbon. Brett and I were thinking of doing a Bourbon Oaked Scotch Ale for our yearly fall big beer collaboration… thinking this stuff would be perfect.

    • laena

      love you blog! thanks for the shout-out. come find us at the brooklyn flea or other markets we frequent around the city, or come to our next jam-boree jam tasting party and join the jamarchist revolution.
      jam on,

    • lagusta

      YES!!!! I’ve seen it in good wine stores all around the country (yes, this is what I do for fun, browse in wine shops)…

  4. Dan

    How about Anthony Bourdain stopping by Mexicali Blue? If only you had been his “guest” instead of a local character whose shop contains a sign announcing that “sexual harassment will not be reported, however it will be ‘graded.'” Très bizarre….

    • lagusta

      I actually have a LOT to say about that. About Ol’ Bourdain fuckface himself, the epitome of hyper-hipster-coke-fueled cheffy idiocy, about said haircutting place, epitome of WTF-Republican-Barbie dollism that I still somehow, bizarrely, love just because at least the insane biker blow up dolls who run the place are fascinating (if 2- dimensional) characters, and about how freaking overJOYED the Mexicali peeps seemed to be about the whole thing. Ugh. I fucking hate that shit. CIA white jacket hierarchal chef bullshit.

      What I most assuredly do not hate, however, is two portobello tacos with fresh guac and red onion marmalade on blue corn tortillas with garlic hot sauce, to go, please.

      So I won’t talk about any of that other stuff, and I will even ignore the fact that they have a DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME thingie that plays photos of Mr. Fuckface himself eating his fish taco or whatevs directly in front of the menu now.

      Did you see the letter to the paper about it (which is of course not online)? It killed me.

      It’s a different world from the one I live in. As long as I can continue to get my portobello taco, I’ll just try to live and let live.

  5. orlande

    lol @ the structuring of this sentence from your SheWired coverage:

    “The 31-year-old jokes that she is ‘an old-fashioned radical man-hating feminist’ except that she’s in love with a man.” Not sure your humor actually came through, there…

    • lagusta

      I KNOW!!! That sentence does so well describe me, though, what can ya do.


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