Dudes (sorry sorry sorry, I try not to say dudes, because it means…um, dudes, but sometimes it just works, you know?). I have this giant file of shit I want to buy, because I am a huge hypocrite who loves owning things while bragging about what a non-consumer I am.


Or/and: we all need to buy some things, no matter how much we pride ourselves on our DIY chops/Earth First!esque nonconsumption/distain for sweatshop shit/refusal to own ugly mass-produced cheap crap. Making the choice to mindfully save up for incidentals as well as larger treats that are well made instead of brainlessly buying loads of Wal*Mart hideosities can be a way to fill our lives with meaning and beauty. (I can spin anything, I should work at the White House!)

Anyway, putting this all online means I can rid myself of a messy file of clippings and notes, so here we go. I’ve got other posts half done with lists of books, music, and a huge huge huge list of food-related shite, so if consumerism thrills you, prepare to be thrilled (and/or to question my sketchy taste) in the next few weeks. Thus:


Totebag lovers! I’m a totebag grrrl through and through, and I think this Muji pouch organizer is just what I need to prevent my totes from becoming the giant Bermuda Triangles of crap that they currently are. Plus, as a MOMA member I get a discount on it! On the other hand, I bet I could sew it myself in about 1/2 hour….


I wonder how this washi paper tape would do to label food containers? Right now I use painters tape for my meal delivery service, and it works OK. This looks prettier though. And maybe if clients put it in the dishwasher (as I have asked them repeatedly not to do, as it necessitates using goo-gone to remove the stuck-on tape glueiness) it would just magically dissolve?

There is another tape I have a note to look into, too: this 33-pack of masking tape in 11 colors!

Loomstate organic cotton jeans: I’d like two of each, please! (OK, I already own three pairs…)

Someday I’d like to make a Lagusta’s Luscious belt buckle!


Once when my sweetheart and I were going to have a cheesey commitment ceremony I wanted to get these rings, then we both realized that a commitment ceremony wasn’t for us…and neither is wearing rings. Still, they are rad.

A laptop case I’m interested in, most likely made in China, sigh.

And other laptop bags


As long as we’re looking at things we’re not ever going to buy, how about a $360 mailbox? Yes, that’s it there above.

I’m dying for this tape dispenser!!!

Amazing handmade bike baskets.

Cuter gladrags than the plain-jane ones I have…also these!  (Why yes, I do wear washable menstrual pads that I then wash in my bike-powered washing machine, T*M*I, I know! And yes, I’m basically a 13-year-old girl with my terror of tampons, but whatever works!)

Cute lamp!

Good for photo albums!

Godless necklace, Y*E*S!

I already own this hanger necklace, but periodically it gets bent and I need to buy a new one. My pal Aaron has been making me ones for the past few years with little bits of copper he finds here and there (those are good because they develop a nice patina), but this is a good back up.

Do you know Resurgence magazine? I do, but would like to get to know it more, on more of a bimonthly basis…


Strangely alluring matches made from a single block of wood.

Solar-powered phone charger!

I’ve never grown phlox, as a matter of fact I don’t really grow anything much at all, but this “Peppermint Twist” phlox is so freaking adorable that it’s almost enough to make me into a flower grower.

20 Responses to “coveted”

    • lagusta

      Quel suprise, something at Target is garbage? I have to admit I have not dared to peek at their Targeay line….is it organic cotton at all, I wonder? That’s why I so like their jeans. I don’t have anything else of theirs, their shirts and things just don’t interest me. I’m trying to slowly wean myself off pesticide-drenched cotton. If organic cotton is selling at Target…I guess that’s good? Not if it’s crap though!

      and YES flying spaghetti monster bracelet!!!

      • kevin

        Yeah, Target sells Loomstate organic stuff now.. Think they started that at the beginning of the summer. That’s the only place I have seen Loomstate, but wasn’t really impressed.

  1. dustinbuster

    My eyes are always playing tricks on me. So, 1st on my list is Lasik surgery. I thought that necklace said “goddess,” and I was trying hard to process that, and I was really, really confused. On top of a little bit disturbed. I thought, for a few minutes, everything I thought I knew about you was scary wrong. Then, I thought, “well, maybe Lagusta has a fucked up, ironic sense of humor?” Or maybe all the fermented vegetables have gone to her brain?

    Thank goddess, my brain and eyes started functioning again.

  2. Erin

    I love this! And actually think its such a good idea to write it all down. Its almost as much fun as having things but without really having them. Did I ever tell you that once I said something about you to someone who doesn’t know you (as in “There’s this lady named Lagusta who makes the most awesome food and bonbons…”) and he said, “isn’t she the one who wears the hanger necklace?!” Which I think is totally awesome!

    • lagusta

      HA!!!!! Wow, that made my day.

      Also, I so love your brand new blog, I just added a link to it! We should talk about those halved taters…I wonder if I could take some off your hands…

  3. Liz

    My first thought about the “godless” necklace was, “hmm, cool, me likey.” But now I’m not so sure. I’m firmly agnostic (or is that a contradiction in terms?), but find that it sort of trivializes atheism to define it as the absence of god. I mean, it’s not a not-belief. It’s just a belief in the real, the tangible, the now.
    Right? Or am I overthinking this quirky little mathom? Whatever, just enjoy your sparkly.

    • lagusta

      Yeah, that’s a good point, and deep down I agree….but I just want some non-believing bling!!!


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