why are my customers so rad? part two

When people order large quantities of truffles, they get to pick from a long list of flavors not usually offered. Recently a sweet woman ordered 2-truffle boxes as wedding favors, and I’m so blown away the combination she created that I have to share: one fennel-apple truffle and one pumpkin seed oil truffle, snuggled up next to each other in a tiny box.


(My sweetheart took his fancy camera on tour, so I am stranded in a sea of photogenic fall scenes with only my camera phone,* thus the dreamy blurry quality of these. Maybe I should add a decent camera to my wishlist!)

How perfect for a fall wedding, right? Even a wedding-hater like me has to admit that. The apple ones are dipped in pulverized pink lady apple bits and dusted with fennel pollen,** and the pumpkin seed ones are made with deep green beautiful roasted Styrian pumpkin seed oil and garnished with slow-roasted caramelized pumpkin seeds.


Oh, the beauty.




(lest you question my packing chops [horrors], please know that these boxes were packed inside a heavily fortified bigger box.)


*Speaking of: Dustin, though I have so far been too lazy to really use the others, I really really adore that Genius camera app you recommended–I use the timer function pretty much every day for outfit photos! Man, what would I do without such lovely blog reader friends?


*Hey local farmers–you could make a mint selling local fennel pollen to insane chefs like me! Yes, I know, it’s ridiculous to harvest, but the kind I buy is $30 for one ounce!

6 Responses to “why are my customers so rad? part two”

  1. ecclescake

    Oh my, yes; what a perfect fall truffle combo. Just two hours before your truffles arrived on Monday my sweetie and I were discussing how good the squash seeds we had roasted the night before were, and he goes, “these need to be in chocolate.” And then your pumpkin seed truffles arrive! They are really yummy. I almost want more pumpkin seed– like a chocolate bar with pumpkin seeds in it. I might have to experiment this winter….


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