trinkets, trifles, toys; and hope (and not that fake Obama crap, either)

Tempest in a teapot totes terminated, OK, darlings?

I ITCH to discuss it more, I know I haven’t conducted myself well throughout the whole thing, but I can’t. I want to win this argument and convert everyone to my side and express everything so perfectly and elegantly that all the unpleasantness will fall away under the shadow of my brilliance, but we all know that’s not what’s going to happen.

Thus, I will give up.

Not so bad to give up once in a while, right? It’s only the internet, and just a blog post at that. It brought up some interesting issues related to veganism that I want to throw back at you soon, but we’ll get to that.

Can we talk about pretty things now though?

Non-transgressively girly things?

Like how these shoes hurt my feet so much I literally could barely walk outside in them and they don’t even go that great with the outfit and maybe the pretty beat-up blues would have been cuter?

Or, my eternal question, why are my knees so very pointy?

I had planned to write this whole post about how when I dress up all femmy I feel like I’m wearing drag, girl drag. Like *BOB,* you know her? “New York City’s self-described ‘female-female impersonator'”? Don’t we all feel that way sometimes? It’s fun for me, sometimes. It’s the gift feminism has given all of us—it’s optional. I don’t have the heart for the whole megillah of a post about it right now (I also have the sneaking suspicion said post might already exist), but you get the idea.

So, I got this coat.

The coat! Remember? In my head, that’s how I say it: “THE! COAT!

Quite a smile there, little lady.

The first place I wore it was to the Roos Arts opening, and as I was getting it on to leave at the end of the night, the party stragglers all turned to look at me. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but as I recall, all conversations stopped and in one giant crescendo everyone descended on THE! COAT! So blue! So well-fitting! So flattering! So…not what you’d expect the Hudson Valley’s Most Scowly Vegan Chef to be rocking! The coat was petted, the coat was inspected from all angles. And yes, most of the admirers were gay boys and girl friends of mine, and yes, most likely the coat possessed the magic new clothes (particularly for those who rarely indulge in them) sparkle with, but STILL.   The coat is magic. So soft and cozy, yet fitted and pretty.

As I’ve mentioned, Leanne, the brilliant mind behind Vaute Couture (the V is for vegan!) and I did a little chocos-for-clothes trade, and the whole thing just made my heart sing.

I’m being 100% serious when I say that when I became vegan 16 or whatever years ago, I never dreamed of the amazing vegan businesses that would be sprouting up these days. I figured I’d be mail ordering uncomfortable Doc Martin knockoff mary janes from Vegetarian Shoes in England for the rest of my life, or wearing rope sandals or something. I had no conception of the glorious plethora of well-made, high-quality, non-exploitative consumer goods us thinking people could wrap our politics around. It’s giving me a chill, right now.

How proud I am to be contributing to this truly brave new world, how excited I am to see where it continues to go. Yes, the glitz of it has sometimes irked me, the Skinny Bitchiness and all that, but I recognize (BECAUSE I AM SO FUCKING MATURE) that the mainstreamy glitz is the downside (for me) of a truly flourishing movement, with many branches and lots of influence.

Things are happening, people. Can we stop infighting long enough to keep up the momentum? Probably not, but as usual, the losers will drop away and we, us, the amazing, multi-faceted ones, we’ll just keep plugging away with our thinking minds and our feeling hearts—and our pretty, pretty, pretty clothes.

8 Responses to “trinkets, trifles, toys; and hope (and not that fake Obama crap, either)”

  1. Marla

    Gorgeousness! I LOVE the coat – it looks beautiful with that red scarf which causes me to wonder if red and blue always look that good together – and it’s very flattering. I agree: there are some brilliant entrepreneurs and artisans who are really elevating the experience of being vegan. It’s very cool to see…Congratulations on The Coat!!

  2. ruby

    I couldn’t do it, you’re my hero. It looks…worth it.

    My whole room is in red and blue, they are always fantastic together.

  3. Donna

    It looks great on you ! When you first wrote about the coats, I wondered which style you would choose – and color. The combination seems made for you . Lucky Leanne with her yummy chocolates !!

  4. Jordan

    That coat is nothing less then stunning! To bad its being wasted on a TRANSPHOBE!!!! Really that whole thing was so exhausting however it really changed my view on so many things for all it was worth I learned alot.


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