pure unadulterated awesomeness

Just when I needed a little pick-me-up, one is deposited right into my inbox in the form of an email from a new client:

So far everything has been wonderfully yummy.

I wanted to thank you SO much for having this service. When I first contacted you, I was a lacto-ovo-pescatarian. I have since read Eating Animals (I stopped eating meat because of Factory Farming practices decades ago) and have finally (FINALLY) faced the hard facts about the dairy industry that I have ignored for so many years. So….no more dairy for me unless and until I can find a local farmer who puts the welfare of their animals above the bottom line…and that’s just not likely until they’re no longer competing with agribusiness. So you can count me among your vegan clients now. Had I not had a fridge full of your wonderful food, this transition would have been vastly more difficult.

So thanks. Really.

So wow, Eating Animals is doing something! Wonderful, wonderful.
And also, yay for me, making “lacto-ovo-pescatarian”s (……….won’t even go into that……..) into vegans every day!

PS:  “Adulterated” is a weird word, isn’t it? “Unadulterated” is even weirder. Does even our language have a fetish for childhood?

3 Responses to “pure unadulterated awesomeness”

  1. dustinbuster

    I read Eating Animals, and in many ways, I actually liked it. (“Liked” is not the right word, because some chapters filled me with so much anxiety and panic I thought I’d vomit). I liked it because it was truthful and interesting, and Foer struggles with lots of big questions instead of simply answering them (like, for instance, an animal rights author would). It was like reading someone’s diary instead of someone’s credo; and Foer is undoubtedly a gifted writer. Yes, of course, I hate his promotion of Happy Meat, but at the very least it’s not like he presents that as an ideal.

  2. Jordan

    HOLY FUCKING SPICE RACK! To bad I dont live in NY I would totally buy your food. With A spice rack like that how could everything not be so good!


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