soon, soon the flesh the grave cave ate will be at home on me

OK, not for reals. Soon I will be a “smiling woman,” though, because soon soon I will be on a long vacation with lots, oh so many, SO MANY things to say on this here internet space that your mind, my friends (and joyless detractors), just might be blown. Veganism, consumer products, feminism, New Yorker notes, movie recommendations, my god, I have THINGS TO SAY. But first I must “last it out and not come back [here] at all” whilst I go play at being a good capitalist for another five days. I “may be skin and bone” by the time it’s done, you might have to “pick the [chocolate] off me like sticky pearls,” but hopefully it won’t be as dire as all that. “I’m only thirty [one],” after all. And, because, you know, when it comes to my job:

I do it exceptionally well.

5 Responses to “soon, soon the flesh the grave cave ate will be at home on me”

  1. brittany

    hahahahaha i love you so much <3

    hang in there and after… well… enjoy the hell out of it! :)

  2. christy

    …and just in time… my postpartum brain is starving for something stimulating to read. i am tired of recipe blogs because i have no free hands with which to cook. so blog already, Lagusta!

    • lagusta

      Ahh! The Kira NYT thing was on my looooong list of things to blog about! Very very cool. I have some of Ray’s paprika she swooned about too, YUM!!

      Yeah, this Middle School stuff is a mess!


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