Monday Miscellany: stylish, trandy, and totally outrageous edition (updated!)

Oops, I forgot a link:

Dustin pointed out this SO PERFECT Alternet article: Are Liberals Pathetic? My answer is a solid YES. Gotta love that Chris Hedges! This is a must read, for sure.

In an anarchist society, who will pick up the garbage? A spot-on, super quick read. (Thanks to Facebook pal DS for the link)

And from anarchism to my other love, thinking consumerism! A really great gift guide that the Bonbons were included in– I sort of want everything mentioned, particularly the quirky and lovely animal portraits.

And also

Good article in the NYT on the dangers of kitchen plastics and chemicals.

Also from the NYT, an article pretty much totally about my life, except that I don’t sell my wares on Etsy. And don’t make “more than $140,000 a year.” But still, it’s my business life down to a tee: a so-called perfect work life whose one big giant trade off is working every minute of every day, forever.

Oh, and! As previously mentioned, my farmer pal Kira got a sweet little write-up in the Times too! Oh, how cute is she? I’m amazed they got her to stand still long enough to take her picture—by far, she’s the hardest working farmer I know.  (And I make it a point to know farmers, so I know of what I speak.)

My fave band/performance artist, The Blow, is back from a little hiatus!

My BFF Christy introduced me to this lovely Portland blog. It’s super stylie, pretty,  & thoughtful—in short, delicious in every way. We both hate American Apparel and love hair dye, fermentation projects, and veganism, wooo!

Randy has a great post all about his fermentation 101 experiments (among other interesting life tidbits) and I’m not just saying it’s great because he mentions me favorably in it! Sample bit of typical Randy awesomeness: “there seems to be an unwritten exception to noise ordinances allowing any amount of racket so long as it is produced by gas powered tools designed to manage nature.” Oh god, so true.

This is a reminder, to myself (and maybe you too!) to save my copious amount of jars for the fine folks at Wintergreens when I get back to cooking next…decade!

Word on the street (that street being is that the excellent Audubon Field Guide to Mushrooms is soon to be an iPhone app!!!! My exclamation points runneth over! My dog-eared copy of the book hangs out in my car trunk, along with a battered ‘shrooming basket, and the promise of a shiny new fabulous-sounding app (the bird one has bird calls!) is making me feel all tingly.

7 Responses to “Monday Miscellany: stylish, trandy, and totally outrageous edition (updated!)”

  1. wintergreens

    Thanks for the shout out, the good links, and the jars! I might make you and your iphone come identify some mushrooms down the block that I’m dying to eat. It’d be swell if you could snap a photo of the shroom, submit it, and then receive confirmation that you will definitely not die upon eating it. Alas, we’ll still be forced to use our brains and courage.

  2. Randal Putnam

    The Blow comeback is a good thing, indeed, so thanks for the tip. That said, I am surprised you failed to mention the mention at the same link regarding a collaboration between Christina Aguliera and Le Tigre. Interesting times, to be sure. Me? I will just keep my ipod tuned to The Fiery Furnaces. Just recently saw them perform in Troy and I can’t get enough. I may need to move on soon, though, as Lacey has taken to mocking Eleanor’s vocal styling (presumably in an effort to break the digital, yet tenacious, spell). Sigh.

    • lagusta

      You. are. not. going. to. LIBRARY SCHOOL. As fun as it sounds, you have a different path: you are going to come home and run for Supervisor of New Paltz. Done.


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