my mom is freaking adorable

I’ve definitely talked some smack about my mom on this here blog (and she seems to have magically forgotten that it exists–shhh! Though I love her, let’s not remind her, OK? It’s nice to have a mom-free space.), so I thought I’d balance it out a little with this insanely adorable exchange which epitomizes everything awesome about my mom and none of the craziness. Well, some of the craziness, but only the sweetest sort of craziness. It just makes me laugh.

So my (and, most likely, your) pal Brittany and I were chatting about abortion on Facebook, as you do in this day and age. My mom had just joined the Facebookverse a few days prior, and I was nervous and weird about her being in my internet space, but this comment let me know it was going to be more than OK—it was going to be fun. And it has been! I’m shocked.

Is it only insanely hilarious to me how my mother has no compunction at all about hopping onto a discussion about how women should be paid for abortions and exclaiming over her new jeans?


In other news: On Being A Bad Vegan, Part Three: BEES!!! will be guest-written by my pal Christy and she is a mama with one newborn and one, um, not-newborn (toddler? What comes after toddler? Walker? Child, I guess.) and about a zillion other fantastic projects and jobs and things happening, so it will arrive when it arrives, and it will blow your mind when it does.

4 Responses to “my mom is freaking adorable”

  1. Randal Putnam

    Kinda makes me sad that I am not on facebook. Not sad enough to join, mind you, just some sad. Which is good, as 9 out of 10 psychologists recommend that I be sad at this time of year. Right on schedule. Like a Swiss train, I am.

    Off to the Gap, then. I’ll be damned if your mom is going to one up me in the shiny new britches department. I hope they still have some in kelly green terry cloth. That should lift my spirits.

  2. lagusta

    I have to admit….Facebook can be fun (just ask your better half!). It can also be ridiculous (just ask…me! Or…anyone!).

    This time of year sucks. I highly recommend escaping town, it always makes me feel so much better.

  3. brittany

    oh man… i must be either dead or blissfully happy to actually FORGET to check on the ol’ blog for TWELVE DAYS!!!!!!!! guess which :)


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