Coveted part two: food and related

Starting off the new year with consumer goods!

Part One, non-food covets, is here (the comments to that post are pretty hilarious, actually).

Let’s go!

Most beautiful dishes EVER, yo!!! Oh my oh my, so beautiful. (photo above)

A tool to make your standing mixer paddle truly scrape the side of the bowl.

These gorgeous cupcake liners are sold out, but are so cute I want to mark them in case another shipment arrives.

I need a little pastry roller—like a mini rolling pin, without arms—like this about every week, and end up making do with my fingers, which never gets crust as even in tight spots.

A sous vide setup!!

I think this one gallon ball jar with a spigot is just what I need when I have lemonade or flavored waters on hand.

My next kitchen scale—made of hemp!…

…On the other hand, these lovelies are more cute and colorful.

KitchenAid Grain Mill Attachment, for fresh-ground flour.

When it comes to pastry, specialized tools sometimes really do make a difference. Every time I move a fragile coconut oil pie crust I think about how I should just buy this giant spatula already.

So, if you don’t want whipped cream from a can—and what person in their right mind would, for about a zillion reasons—there are now these little nitrous oxide-charged whipped cream makers. Apparently your cow tit cream stays whipped and nice for two weeks or so in them. What would happen if you put coconut milk in one? I’m willing to bet you’d have the most amazing, all-natural vegan whipped cream OF ALL TIME. My god!!! When is someone going to give me thousands of dollars so I can just open up a vegan ice cream shop already and put into motion the million ideas I have like this?

And now the candy. Total junk ahead! We’ve all got to have it once in a while, right? I am partial to weird old-fashioned ultra sugary candies that are absolutely nothing like what I make myself. Here are a few.

These Old-Fashioned Peanut Candies are like the inside of Butterfinger bars (a bit like the coveted Chick-O-Stick!), and are made with 100% dreadful shite ingredients.

I am the only person in the world who likes certain candies. Like these French Creams. And these Black Walnut Chips.

On the other hand, these Mint Cream Straws are like candy canes only one thousand times better, and everyone loves them.

Done with candy.

For now.

On to drinking! I really like this elegant, vintagey wall-mounted bottle opener.

Look at these pretty, handmade salad tongs!

Fancy pants beans: heirloom beans are four or more times more expensive than what I usually pay for beans, but they really do taste so much better. My favorite are Calypso, super pretty yin/yangy black-white beauties. I also once had the pleasure of cooking up a pot of Tiger’s Eye beans, which are crazy creamy and also super beautiful.

For super super super special cupcakes, Fancy Flours’ pricey holders are too gorgeous to be believed.

I get most of my essences and extracts at the lovely Nature’s Flavors because they are organic, handmade, and really high quality. But I’m intrigued by these beautiful and super inspiring-looking chef-quality essential oils. (Also, Bickford flavors are really nice, my cooking school used this brand.)

Dynamic Immersion blender—what I’ll buy when the $2 stick blender I found at Salvation Army dies…which is bound to happen any second. So pricey, but so powerful!!

Ocean Approved brand kelp noodles. I know. I know. It sounds vomitous. But I once had some kombu noodles I actually sort of adored, and I am no sea veg fan, at all. But I sort of want to try these. (Actually, they should probably taste just like the kombu noodles, since kelp is just the English word for kombu. I just realized that.) In a cold salad dressed with sesame oil, shoyu, ginger, rice vinegar, and slivers of toasty garlic—it sounds good, right? Yum.

5 Responses to “Coveted part two: food and related”

  1. ChristyH

    the truth is that the whip cream maker is awesome for dairy, (I was a barista for almost a decade and made it daily,) but coconut milk gets nice and whippy but doesn’t hold it’s shape. it kind of deflates… i have considered putting some sort of thickener or something, but i lack the fortitude and i can’t stand failure. do you have any guidance to offer?? I bought one of these bad boys for tom a few years ago and even though the coconut whip cream deflates, we eat it all the time. In fact, I ate it this morning on blackberry pancakes.

    • lagusta

      Ahh! Barista-smarts to the rescue, as always! OK, I wonder: have you tried a tiny bit of agar power mixed into the coconut milk? Usually it takes heat to activate though. That’s all I can think of, but I’ll keep thinking. This is a dumb question: can you just keep the coco milk in the container and whip it out as needed so it’s always nice and whippy?

      • christy h

        Yeah, you dispense as you use it, so it stays whippy over time.

  2. brittany

    1. i have the ball jug (well, had it, it’s in cali now, but i’ll have it back sometime spring-side) and yes. get it. you NEED it (even if, really, it’s kinda annoying). i think mine is like 4 gallon, tho.

    2. i’ve used the whipped creamer thingys (although i HATE whipped cream, blech!) and yes, get it, and make coconut gorgeousness.

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    […] I’m just gonna stop pretending that I’m going to post these little bits-and-pieces posts on Monday. I just like alliteration, OK? The truth is the Monday is most often my craziest day of the week. But, through the miracle of blogging and the expected slackerness of bloggers, it doesn’t really matter. It’s Tuesday! I’m a whole year older than I was last time I rapped at ya (among many other lovely gifts, I got the whipped cream thingie!!)! […]


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