what my sweet eats (sweets)

A few years ago, our awesome dentist asked Jacob to keep a food journal for a few days. For some reason I just came across it on my computer, and it’s simultaneously fascinating and hilarious—all that chocolate! The obsessive tooth-brushing! The hilarious hours! And: Wednesday November 28, 2007!!! What a day.

Food Journal-(Everything is vegan)
Monday, Nov. 26th
12:00noon- Cherry Soygurt
5:00pm-mushroom and seitan stroganoff w/pasta meal
7:00pm-honeybush/vanilla tea
8:00pm-Pink Lady apple and organic peanut butter

Tuesday, Nov. 27th
1:00pm-Peach Soygurt
2:00pm-brush teeth (sensitive program, 2 minutes)
4:00pm-lunch: -2 pieces of bread with hummus
-2 cups chamomile tea
-jamaican seitan reuben half sandwich with side salad
• incl. vegan mayonnaise, sauerkraut
-1/2 piece of vegan chocolate cake w/raspberry coulis
5:30pm-8oz vanilla and cherry smoothie with soymilk base and hemp seed added
6:15pm-8oz soy mocha, fairtrade coffee
7:12pm-several Mesquite BBQ chips (Deep River Snacks brand, no -ose ingredients)
9:00pm-organic local pear
10:30pm-pot of honeybush/vanilla tea
11:30pm-small plate of mushroom and seitan stroganoff w/pasta
1:15am-floss and brush teeth (maxcare program, 3 minutes)

Wednesday, Nov. 28th
1:30pm-brush teeth (maxcare program, 3 minutes)
2:15pm-pasta lunch with rice and beans and three kinds of peppers
3:40pm-one coconut-rum home-made vegan chocolate truffle
6:30pm-beet and sauerkraut pierogies with chick peas and shiitake mushrooms
6:40pm-one kahlua vegan chocolate truffle with espresso bean on top
9:30pm-one almond vegan chocolate truffle
10:30pm-several cups of various herbal teas
11:30pm-bowl of Purely Decadent “Cookie Avalanche” ice cream, 15g Sugar (no -ose ingredients, has other sugars)
12:30am-two small Japanese sugar and bean tea desserts
3:00am-floss and brush teeth (maxcare program, 3 minutes)

Thursday, Nov. 29th
1:30pm-Cherry Soygurt
1:45pm-brush teeth (maxcare program, 3 minutes)
2:15pm-dentist visit for adjustment
3:15pm-half a loaf of organic sourdough wheat baguette with assorted olives
3:30pm-12oz soy mocha, fairtrade coffee
6:30pm-8oz cup of local apple cider
8:00pm-mushroom and seitan stroganoff w/pasta (2 kinds of pasta: wheat-free and rainbow bowties) meal
11:00pm-local organic pear
12:00am-handful of raw organic almonds
12:00am-lavender and white tea
2:00am-floss and brush teeth (maxcare program, 3 minutes)

Friday, Nov. 30th
9:15am-brush teeth (maxcare program, 3 minutes)
9:30am-toasted Everything Bagel with tofu cream cheese, 16oz Lipton Sweetened Iced Tea
12:30pm-medium salad with 2 pieces of bread
4:00pm-half a bag of Salt & Pepper potato chips
7:00pm-dinner at Noami’s: hummus and bread, polenta and squash app., root salad, tofu fajita with veggies, apple crumble, small glass of red wine
[Lagusta note: this is a veggie restaurant in New Paltz that was open for about 6 months. It pretty much stank. It was a joke between us and our dentist because one time we saw him and his wife eating there and about 5 minutes after we said hello the waiter accidentally poured half a pitcher of ice cold water in his lap. In February.]
12:00am-floss and brush teeth (maxcare program, 3 minutes)

Saturday, Dec. 1st
10:45am-brush teeth (maxcare program, 3 minutes)
12:15pm-2 pieces of toasted Rye bread w/jam and olive oil. One apple with organic peanut butter
3:30pm-half a small soy mocha
5:30pm-benghan bartha with garlic naan meal
9:00pm-one organic orange
10:00pm-two chocolate truffles (coconut-rum and ginger)
2:30am-floss and brush teeth (maxcare program, 3 minutes)

Sunday, Dec. 2nd
12:30pm-brush teeth (maxcare program, 3 minutes)
2:00pm-one organic apple with peanut butter
6:00pm-beet and sauerkraut pierogies with chick peas and shitake mushrooms
10:00pm-several chocolate truffles
2:00am-loss and brush teeth (maxcare program, 3 minutes)

2 Responses to “what my sweet eats (sweets)”

  1. Katy

    um, the “beet and sauerkraut pierogies with chick peas and shitake mushrooms” – are they your creations? They sound like they could be my very favorite food in the world! If you have a recipe I would be really excited to see it!


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