a perfect day for NOTHING (well, a nice NYC dinner will help, maybe)

Argh ugh.

If Nader and Chomsky die soon there will officially be no good white dudes left. (Except mine.)

I have four posts percolating away for you, all about:

1) feeling better

2) Boobs

3) Howard Zinn, natch

4) JDS and how insanely insanely insanely obsessed I was with him as a kiddo, to the extent that I still have the entire first page of TCitR memorized and own literally 10 copies or so or every one of his books, because I can’t seem to not buy every edition.

But right now I am off to Kajitsu! Then work work work work forever more, so for this moment I will just say:

All I really know for certain is that I had something happy and exciting to tell you–and on just one side of the paper, double spaced–and I knew when I got home that it was mostly gone or all gone and there was nothing left to do but go through the motions. How messy, how funny and how Seymour himself would have smiled and smiled–and probably assured me, and all of us, not to worry about it.

– J. D. Salinger

2 Responses to “a perfect day for NOTHING (well, a nice NYC dinner will help, maybe)”

  1. Randal Putnam

    Have fun at Kajitsu! Thanks for reminding me of the name of the restaurant! I just made reservations for Lacey and I, as we will be in the city soon.

    Can’t wait!

  2. Solana

    JD Salinger and Howard Zinn died in the same week…maybe even the same day, the new york times article was not very clear about the date of Salingers death. Just thought of you when I read that this morning…


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