Monday Miscellany

This will have to do until we can take one in which we are wearing the exact same clothes as W&K, because you know I own a sweater and twee collared shirt just like that, and my bangs look just like hers right now, and I rock the “headband with straight-parted hair” look every other day and yes, I actually think Jacob might have a football jacket like that. SERIOUSLY. Which is weird because he doesn’t watch sports. Maybe it’s a soccer thing. Either way, he has stripey shirts like that by the dozen. Twelve years together and we never noticed that we are Winnie and Kevin??

My excuse for the fact that it is actually Tuesday is that my car, in the words of the mechanic, “blew up” yesterday—which has complicated the life of this bad bad environmentalist considerably. Plans are afoot for a new car, and our resolution for our next car to be a hybrid is shortly to be broken, because who has $23,000 to drop on a car right now? Not me, and I’m not willing to take on any more debt. Stay strong, resisters! Not killing yourself with debt is a part of the way we resist crap modern culture! Penury is political! And anyway, used cars are….(I see my argument breaking down even as I write it), like, better than new ones in terms of resource consumption, right? Ugh, not really, I suppose.

Other than car troubbble, here’s what else is interesting in my world this week:

Fabulous Kara of fabulous wintergreens is putting together a fabulous vegan bake sale for Haiti on February 13. I’ll be there with bells on chocolates for sale, so please mark your calendars. I’m excited that the sale is at Zora Dora’s, so I can nibble on paletas (cucumber-sea salt please!) whilst peddling my wares, yum! Randy & Lacey, Brittany, wanna go?


I’ve been watching a fair bit of reality TV while I cook these days (the horrrrrrrrrrrrible show Hell’s Kitchen mostly, I do NOT recommend it and would like someone to forcibly stop me from watching it, in truth), and so enjoyed this insight into the world of a woman who’s on a reality show as a performance piece…sort of. Best bit: “Originally, I went on the show to do a wacky performance piece, attempting to play up the ridiculousness that is reality television and the characters it produces, a satire on a genre that is already a satire of itself. I was interested in the way reality television is reproducing female stereotypes at an alarming rate—using “real” people to validate these stereotypes’ existence.”


Sous chef Veronica pointed me to this minimalist foodie blog—inspiring and lovely.


One zillion people sent this to me, and it is pretty freaking spot-on. (Also: ha ha!) Another pal sent around this wonderful comprehensive list of all unpublished JD Salinger stories—rainy day fun ahead! I actually, dork that I am, have most of these in a file somewhere because in high school I went to the library and copied them all out of the original New Yorkers in which most of them appeared.

Wow, for some reason now I feel like 1000 years old. Photo copier! LIBRARY!* Who does that? Anyway, since the file is in the garage in a box under 50 other boxes, I’m happy to have the link.


I kind of want to buy my cute dorky boy one of these lovely sweaters.


Our BFF blog pal Brittany, ever industrious, has started a political party and you should join it. Also, about 80 hilarious white dudes plus Brittany are having all kinds of fights over at New Paltz Gadfly. I’m sort of loving it.


And finally, something so important it needs all caps: THERE IS A HUGE PROBLEM HAPPENING IN THE WORLD OF PEANUT BUTTER. I don’t want to scare you, but it’s MUCH WORSE THAN SALMONELLA. It involves two very important things: cap color and flavor. Post to come. Investigations are happening. In short, it’s a NIGHTMARE. Be upset in advance!

*I just realized: I suspect I did that because I was quasi-homeless at the time and was sort of living at the library. But that’s a story for another day!

12 Responses to “Monday Miscellany”

  1. zoe p.

    We’re debating the hybrid purchase too right now! For us, it makes sense because we are – tragically – planning on driving a lot.

    But I’d say a used car and driving less would be a better all around choice, so you have that to be happy about.

  2. Solana

    I was looking for more PB info and found this very disturbing photo..I apologize in advance for sending this link…

  3. brittany

    ok, i def def def def def wanna go on saturday – can you email it to me and pete so we don’t forget? and randy + lacey just = MASSIVE bonus points!

    you’d better not knock photocopying OR the library!!! i’ve been LIVING at PDQ this week (when i WASN’T at muddy cup, neither the cup nor brittany has a copier or printer at the moment, but PDQ does). also, i am taking on my first massive debt EVER by starting library school this fall so DON’T SCARE ME AWAY FROM IT!!! i’m terrified.

    and thanks for the kudos! but in all fairness, pete definitely started the party – i’m just second in our “party of two”. but THANK YOU FOR LINKING TO US! YOU’RE OUR FIRST! :)

  4. wintergreens

    Thanks so much for coming to the bake sale, donating your beautiful sweets, and teaching the peeps the difference between a chocolate and a truffle! There was an amazing moment where someone thought that Vandana Shiva had made and donated the Vandana Shivas….they wrinkled their forehead and wondered how she could possible be everywhere at once and be an expert at so many things. We had a very good laugh.

    Sorry about keeping you up all night [ranting] with the caffeine, but it was great to see you, and have you participate.


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