Monday Miscellany (+ currants)

So much, it took a whole other day to get it all down:

Jezzies talking about leg hair, specifically that of Mo’Nique—-it’s nice to see the cool girls agree that the great to-shave-or-not debate isn’t really all that important to smart people. Also interesting is this little bit about Amanda Palmer, who wore a completely absolutely totally sheer dress to the Golden Globes and all anyone could talk about was her teeny bit of armpit hair.

Sous chef Veronica sent this to me (she lives in a fascinating world, and is always finding weird gems like this): a dude making records out of chocolate that actually play. I just want to hear more about his house—it looks amazingly insane.


Paltzians! A draft of the New Paltz Town Comprehensive Plan is now available here. It’s not all that important—it’s just the document that (theoretically) guides and shapes every single step New Paltz takes. Might be worth a read, and if you see something you’d like to change, be sure to come to one of the public meetings about it to make your views known before it’s set in stone (ooh, masculine assonance slant rhyme, and so early in the morning!) The meetings are March 19th, 7PM, March 20th, 9:00 AM, and 1:30PM, Town Hall, or, you can email comments to

Kill Rock Stars is asking you to share your Bikini Kill stories and memories.


My pals Randy & Lacey recently went to Kajitsu (pix of my latest visit coming soon!) and Sakaya, per my recommendation, and loved both—hey, have I not ever mentioned the ever-amazing Sakaya here? It’s New York’s best [and only] sake shop, and I’m just in love with it. It’s down the street from Kajitsu and I’m pretty much addicted to their yuzu sake…oh my that shit is amazing. The owner, Rick, is super sweet and knowledgeable, and they have tastings every Friday I’ve never been to that sound super fun. (Also, at some point I should tell the internet the cutest story ever about this beautiful bottle.) Randy thanked me with a recommendation of his own, and I’m putting it online to remind me to check it out: Woorijip! Have you been? It looks fun and cute.

That fucking Dodge Charger ad came on while I was watching 30 Rock or something, and I just about fucking burst out of my kitchen in a giant huge wild rage. So did lots of other people, and one of them made a response to it. On the one hand, I adore it: it makes great points about the bullshit women put up with on a daily basis. On the other, it reinscribes some of the same stereotypes (about men) that made me so wildly ragey about the original ad: the original ad said that men were emasculated and thus need some specific sort of car to assert their power, and this ad says that one of the trials women must endure is their men being softies (“I will pretend not to notice when you cry at the end of Rudy.”).  ARGH. Have I written the long blog post all about how feminism has been successful, to a large extent, in making women understand that it’s OK for them to embody all types of emotions/characteristics/interests, etc and still be “women” and what we desperately need now is a “meninism” that will teach men the same thing?

Oh, mainstream culture, your ickiness truly knows no bounds.

If you haven’t seen the original commercial (I shan’t link to it) and feel like you’re surrounded with awesome dudes and society is really evolving at a fast clip and you want a reality check, do a Google search for “Super Bowl Dodge Charger” ad (I think maybe “Superbowl” is one word? I am not going to figure it out, and am very proud I’m not sure) and prepare to slit your wrists.


What the hell is this?

a) The cutest animal video EVER,

b) almost definitely breaking some animal protection laws,

c) utterly terrifying: seals are not to be fucked with, lady! I was simultaneously enthralled by the cuteness and hoping it wouldn’t end with your bones being crunched like candy canes!

d) the penguins strolling by bring it right back into the realm of cutest video ever.

Jenny Sanford on The Daily Show: a sad, broken, pathetic, weak woman for whom I feel no pity. Does that make me a horrible feminist, a good leftist, or just SANE?


Brittany finally explains (sorta) her VERY SUPER DRAMATIC LIFE (Cross-country moves–two of them! Tattoos! Broken engagements!) with promises of more blogging to come! I’m so thankful to have her around again, I can’t even tell you—no one else can explain local politics as well, or is as fun to plan Mew Paltz* domination with.


OK, I’ve been reading a lot of Jezebel lately: check out these Dean & Deluca prices for V-day treats, and here’s a bit on the death of one of my favorite poets, Lucille Clifton.


Also–peanut butter taste test results coming soon! I’m ordering a case of the winner today!

*Someone emailed me and mistakenly typed “Mew Paltz” instead of New Paltz, and thus, as any sane person would, I have now moved to the much-cuter town of Mew Paltz. Please note—this new campaign is replacing the one I’ve been running for the past five years to rename NP “The Paltz.” Please re-print the screenprinted t-shirts I’m sure you’ve all made up that say “I <3 The Paltz” with “I <3 Mew Paltz.”

PS: If you want some fun, Google “Wayne Coyne house.” Oh, I love that dude.

4 Responses to “Monday Miscellany (+ currants)”

  1. brittany

    your currants are the perfectest, perfectest pearls. i want to make hair clips out of them.

    sigh, my life. the plot just thickened, too. more gossip dates this week? <3

    (i'm getting greedy)

  2. Jordan

    Where did u get those currants? They are hard to come by out west :(. and never this time of year. Is this an older photo? Do u put them in Chocolates?

  3. lagusta

    Yea, those photos are from this summer. For some reason, currants are all over the place here in the summertime…but I’m not the biggest currant fan (is anyone a fan of fresh currants? I like the most sour fruits imaginable, but I can’t imagine going around popping currants into my mouth), although, yeah, how gorgeous are they?? Usually what I do is freeze a bunch to use to make cranberry sauce with at Thanksgiving—I replace 1/2 the cranberries with currants. They’re just as tart and are local and pretty.

  4. Jordan

    Oh i think they are wonderful. They have a floral taste to me. If i get my hands on some fresh ones I will be makeing this cranberry sauce.


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