the revolution is here


My lovely intern Ann pointed me to this: a Natural Gourmet (the cooking school I went to) grad has started her very own tempeh shop in Brooklyn! As you know, I make my own too, and I’m wild with excitement to try hers. Oh, this is the stuff of which my dreams are made.


(and not just in hipster Bklyn, either.)

We are taking over.

Fermenting, percolating, tempering, bubbling, TAKING OVER. I feel it.

Look at that FUCKING MYCELIUM!!! What a beauty!

Oh, my heart is leaping.

A tempeh shop grows in Brooklyn!

5 Responses to “the revolution is here”

  1. Joshua May

    holy crap, that’s awesome.

    I got fed up and went on a tempeh hunt yesterday (yesterday!!) after months of not being able to find it.

    what do I find? what is all I can find? frozen tempeh.

    I give up, I’m moving to Brooklyn.

  2. Paul Capestany

    ok so I started reading your blog a couple weeks ago when I began researching how to make my own tempeh. black bean tempeh is exactly what i wanted to make.

    need to place an order for the mycelium starter today. you bought yours from correct? were they quick to ship? i tried emailing them to no avail…

    • lagusta

      YAY! OK. I’ve made BB tempeh, and here’s my wisdom: DO NOT OVERCOOK THE BEANS! It’s incredibly easy to overcook the beans, and overcooked bean-tempeh is useless. They should still be slightly crunchy when you make the tempeh.

      GEM cultures is VERY SLOW and rarely answer emails. But they’re the best I’ve found. Lately they tell me that they can’t even do spore in quantity, so I’m just buying the small packets. They do always send your order…but it takes a while.

      Let me know how it turns out!!!

      • Paul Capestany

        awesome. i’ll place an order and cross my fingers that it comes in soonish. been dying to try and do this.

        you start with dried beans and just undercook them right? i’ve grown other types of mushrooms before, and having overly-wet substrate definitely drowns the mycelium and does not allow it to penetrate into it in my past experience.

        p.s. i loved/LOLed your peanut butter post. totally obsessive and totally great ;)

  3. veronica


    “We also make periodic runs upstate to New Paltz, NY and Woodstock, NY” !!!!!!!!!

    I wonder if karma road and garden cafe on the green use their tempeh?


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