roger ebert

Can you guess what this is? Yeah, probably what you think, but specifically what kind of what you think? (Hint: it’s not good.)

Remember when I was waxing on about how much I hated The Lovely Bones and pointed to Roger Ebert’s awesome review of it as proof that the movie can’t be much better? Then Ruby and Marla pointed out that RoEb is the most awesome dude ever? I’ve sort of been thinking about him ever since, and feeling sad I’ve been missing out on his general awesomeness, a fact that, as it turns out, everyone in my life knows about but me (perhaps this is because important people in my life live in Chicago), because every time I say something about him, the person I’m talking to says something like “Oh, I love Roger Ebert.” Finally, I do too. This Esquire profile (which you’ve probably come across as well in your recent tours through the internet) confirmed my affection and, oh man, totally made me cry, just a little bit.

4 Responses to “roger ebert”

  1. Marla

    Love him! I’m so glad that you’re able to appreciate him. He’s actually quite a good writer and I think a very generous, thoughtful man. I posted a link some weeks back on Facebook to a piece he wrote on his blog about what he misses most about not being able to eat (he’s fed exclusively with tubes now, I think). As someone who clearly relished eating in the past, he said that it is not the food he misses, it’s the company and conversation over sharing a meal. Very bittersweet and lovely and tear-shedding for me. I hope he stays with us for as long as possible. Ebert is my favorite Chicago dude along with the dearly departed Studs Terkel.

    • lagusta

      Marla! I have my grandfather’s address book (he died in 1975, before I was born, and was a bit of a Chicago gadfly) and Studs Terkel is in it! So cute. My mom said they were pals.

  2. Randal Putnam

    Lacey here-

    That article was so sad! I love that man. I grew up watching Siskel and Ebert. That picture is unbelievable. I had no idea that he was so sick. Thanks for the posting.

    Also, what is that picture?


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