sometimes, you’re having a perfectly fine day…

then you see something that makes you want to die.

Fucking world.

I’m still having periodic flashes of rage over this, too. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

21 Responses to “sometimes, you’re having a perfectly fine day…”

    • lagusta

      i have no words. Except: i’m glad you’re not in that time still!!!

      my god it freaks me out so. WHY??????? I don’t even understand the whole bald thing, that’s weird enough, but I honestly don’t get why any dude or for that matter any woman would want to have sex with any person with fucking cheapass plastic shit rubbing against them….???

      • brittany

        how could you NOT wanna do something that bizzare and ridiculous?? i love it, it’s hilarious!

        fyi: if they’re using genuine swarovski, it’s far from cheap and are glass, not plastic… not that it makes it any less ridiculous. probably more ridiculous. hilariously awesome.

      • lagusta

        Glass is somehow simultaneously worse and better. Here’s the thing: if she was just like: “This is the weirdest thing EVER, how bizarre, I’m going to do it for kicks,” I think I’d be sort of OK with it. But it’s framed as this bizarro empowerfulment crap thing, and I just can’t deal with that.

        I still can’t get past how seriously uncomfortable it would be to have (certain types of) sex with fuckin’ GLASS STUCK TO YOU. Sex=friction!!!!

  1. Jordan

    So Gross I really just got weak. Thinking of them falling out over time until the very last one is gone, rubbed off with tiolet paper or stuck on some shower drain.

    And the other link…. That guy bugs. Way before He used the Racial slur. And it is a fucking slur. Why did they even have to look that up? I work with a guy like that. And really I’m gonna quit.

  2. kevin

    When did the word “vajayjay” come about.. is this some hipster slang i don’t know about?

  3. Christy H

    I am all for cutesy names for female-parts, personally. however, this one is not for me. i do not, however, want my daughter to learn the medical term because it’s f’ed up. or the sexier ones, because that’s inappropriate. So… we say Yoni in our house.

      • Christy H

        I am suddenly worried that I am going to sound insane. I thought it was commonly understood… but apparently not. The word ‘vagina’ has a very annoying origin. In a latin dictionary, you will find:
        vagina -ae f. [a scabbard , sheath, case; the husk of grain]

        Sheath?! For what? A sword? I could explain more, but do i need to? Obviously, a sheath without a sword is sort of absent it’s purpose. The implication annoys me beyond belief. My yoni is a sacred f’in entrance into my body and i think it should be known by a name that implies it power and importance. As usual, I do not want any part of me defined in the context of a male. Nit picky? Maybe. It doesn’t help that I actually studied Latin or that I so deeply believe that the history of things matters even when it is little-known.

        So, in our house, it’s yoni. Which Merriam-Webster defines as:
        a stylized representation of the female genitalia that in Hinduism is a sign of generative power and that symbolizes the goddess Shakti.
        Yeah. I am not Hindu. So maybe it is a little culturally appropriative, but I sure dig the way the religion portrays women. all fierce and powerful. you know. the fuckin’ source.

      • lagusta

        I knew you’d have an amazing explanation. Seriously, I never knew any of that before! Mind = blown.

      • Brittany Turner

        Hmm, thanks for explaining, Christy. That is really interesting. Of course, penis originally meant “tail,” and while I’m not exactly a prude, I’ve yet to see THAT… :)

        To each their own, I suppose, but I think it’s really important that people understand the appropriate language to refer to any part of their bodies, especially those that become some sort of taboo, for health reasons AND empowerment reasons.

      • Christy H

        i guess i misspoke… i do want my daughters to know what vagina means eventually. (i mean, they are 3 years and 4 months right now.)
        but, i honestly don’t think there is anything i could do to keep my kids from learning the word ‘vagina.’ I just want their primary exposure to referring to ‘it’ to be positive, appropriate and harmless. yoni is a familiar and loving name. ob/gyns and science teachers are not and should not be personally pal-y with my or my kids yonis. they can call it the dry, feels-weird-in-your-mouth, ‘vagina’ and i will do the same in return. but because yonis are neither dry nor do they…feel weird in your mouth, (insert sultry smile here) i don’t say vagina very often. and! when it’s bath-time, or questions-about-my-body-time, it’s yoni all the way.

      • Brittany Turner

        I guess I just kind of feel like most words have some bizzaro origin that doesn’t really translate accurately 2000+ years later…

        for kids, I guess that those word origins are so obscure and, at this point, relatively meaningless that to make a thing out of them becomes a bit counterproductive… I’d just hate to encourage anyone to be in anyway squeamish about using the proper terminology.

        Then again, I don’t have kids yet, so who knows what I’ll think later on. :)

    • ruby

      Why is learning the medical tern “f’ed up”? I teach the girls I nanny for the proper words and I’m curious as to why you, as a mom, are opposed to words like “vulva” and “penis”.

      • lagusta

        I’m curious about that too. Also, Ruby + Christy would be a dynamic friendship….I might just suggest you two friend it up on FB. Ruby knows Justin, C!!!

      • ruby

        I teach “my” kids the proper words because my parents used penis and “tushy”. So, a word that meant butt in some people’s houses meant vulva or vagina in ours. Confusing! Also, I’m not sure why my brother & father’s parts got a real word and mine & my mother’s a silly nickname. So this time around, I’m trying to even things out.

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