homophobes in the hood

I go back and forth about New Paltz Journal, our erstwhile tighty righty local blogger.

On the one hand: the dude writes pretty well. And in a small town like this you’ve gotta at least try to make friends with your enemies neighbors.

On the other: I disagree with everything that’s ever come out of his keyboard.

Pretty much. I mean, we both can’t stand Obombs, but for diametrically opposite reasons. And we get our pizza from the same place, and kinda/sorta agree about the NP food scene (you’ve got to wade through 24 comments on that post to see what I’m talking about). Apart from that, the Venn diagram of our interests would be two circles miles apart. I can’t quite hate the dude though, because, ridiculous viewpoints not withstanding….he’s sane. And I respect sanity. I mean, his views aren’t sane, but he’s not an idiot. I like that.

In a classic right wing move, dude doesn’t allow comments on his posts, so I’m just going to take my beef, as it were, to my own little playground.

Here’s my thing: I know the dude is a Flying Teapot believer, and vehemently anti-choice, but do you think he knows just how homophobic he’s being in this post?

The Kingston Freeman editors want Americans to bend over for Obamacare
February 28th, 2010
Most Americans want nothing to do with Obamacare, at least not in anything resembling the form it has taken so far. Polls vary. But when you add up the “no thanks, start overs” with the just “no thanks,” the total “not this, no way” number pushes up over 60%.

The Left, though, was thrilled at the outset by the idea of Obama snapping on the latex glove. [PROOF, maybe, Mr. McPhillips? Proof of the real left, not the Obama-brainwashed, please.] And it’s a rough deal crowbaring that idea out of their minds. It appeals to something fundamental inside them.

The editors of the Daily Freeman, up the road in Kingston, N.Y., though, want Obama to forget about the latex glove and snap on the condom instead.

“Bend over, and take it like the ignorant proles we know you are,” they seem to say. They don’t want any of that old Senate rules stuff when it comes to putting one-sixth of the U.S. economy under a federal bureaucracy. Do it the cheesy, rotten, dishonest way, they urge.

It’s the “government as prison rape” theme, taking root in the brackish backwaters of journalism.

I just can’t decide. Because if he is aware that he just called the way that many men and oodles of women have sex the “cheesy, rotten, dishonest way,” I might just have to openly start hating.

11 Responses to “homophobes in the hood”

  1. Christy H

    i think i would have started hating a long time ago. you lost me with the anti-choice bit. that’s not sane as far as i am concerned… it’s uninformed as ass-faced. which holds with what i just read here. ass-faced. but, i think he might not realize ALL that is being implied.

  2. jonolan


    I think you set a dangerous precedence by drawing such open comparisons between “prison rape” or any form of forcible sodomy and run of the mill, as it were, homosexuality.

    Given that such comparisons are often used by extreme homophobes, some might question your own love of gays and, therefor, your Liberalism. ;-)

    • lagusta

      yeah, but if you exclude the prison rape line, he’s talking about good old happy buttfucking as if it’s a horrible thing!

      • lagusta

        But yeah, I agree with you about: “I think you set a dangerous precedence by drawing such open comparisons between “prison rape” or any form of forcible sodomy and run of the mill, as it were, homosexuality.”

        But: don’t be calling me a liberal!! I’m a radical, yo.

  3. Lacey Putnam

    Sorry, I couldn’t get past the link about the bagels. I haven’t had a real bagel since I was growing up- Best Bagels, in Great Neck, Long Island. They were always fresh, delicious, normal sized and you didn’t have to mask the flavor with any toppings at all. They also sold bialys (which, coincidentally, are named after the city in Poland where my grandfather is from- Bialystok). The flavors were limited to sesame, plain, poppy, salt, pumpernickel and egg bagels. They did not make bagels that had blueberries or jalapenos or pesto. Their authenticity was approved by my Brooklyn based Jewish grandparents, which carried a lot of weight with me.
    The juiciest gossip in town was when Cher dated the guy who worked at the store- remember Cher and the bagel guy? He was “our” bagel guy.

  4. Jordan

    I love correcting guys that say things like this. with a simple.. “Dude, don’t compare it to that I love takeing it in the ass”.
    I’m sure the man is learned and all but no amount of smart can cover up asshole.

  5. lagusta

    I’ll just copy and paste Martin’s “response” here, OK?

    Projective identification
    March 3rd, 2010
    Unlike ordinary neurotic projection, it makes the person who is the object of it experience the self-loathing of the person engaging in it. Borderlines “use it” (it’s a primitive infantile defense, so how conscious someone is of using it is debatable) as a form of domination. It’s quite daunting for most people who are subjected to it. Not pleasant to be around. Being in the same room with someone who is engaging in it and some of the other primitive defenses, the minutes will pass like months.

    I’m not a believer in any therapeutic model as the standard model of human personality, but it comes in handy from time to time.

    On the other hand, as a writer, I use what I call “literary psychology” all the time. It’s not based in a therapeutic model, but is descriptive of mental dynamics. For instance, I could spot a crazy redneck woman wearing the mask of a homocentric food fadist man-hating feminist pretty easily. It’s like looking at an inside-out glove, but the thing that’s consistent between the real face and the mask is the spitting hate, and the confusion. It’s something you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

  6. lagusta

    Now, see what I mean about him being smart? “Redneck” is the only insult someone could throw at me that would truly stun and wound me.

    • Christy H

      what did you say to prompt this response?

      there is a difference between educated and smart. he can write, sure. still, he is full of shit. he hides behind a fancy writing style that is just tedious enough to read that it is difficult to find his point, let alone engage with it. he seems like a dweeb.

      rise above and ignore him. he’s not worth your precious energy.


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