Monday Miscellany: sex, fascism, art, chocolate, and when all those spools fell down

(OK, I just found this weeks-old post languishing all sad in the “drafts” folder. The links are sort of old, but it’s the internet! It doesn’t matter! Also, if you’re wondering if I’m going to ever say anything about anything political that’s been happening [hello, health care]…nope. Too many expletives would have to be involved.)

Dear internet,

Things feel good. Do you feel it?

The new car is amazingly awesome and Jacob is making me crazy nattering on about “German engineering” and “This Amazing Thing I Learned From Reading the Manual” and constantly pressing the unlock button on the key thingie to hear the soft unlocking meow. (We’ve never had a car that did things automatically. It’s amazing!).

Chocolates and cookin’ businesses are both slow [no longer true, woo woo!], but I’ve been using the time to send out endless sample boxes, and to do some serious reorganizing and tidying and long-term planning. Nothing makes me feel happier. Exciting plans are afoot which I hope to tell you about soon. Well, OK, not really all that exciting to you probably, but I’ll ramble on about them anyway…soon.

Speaking of business! I’ve been gathering info from smart and sexy friends about feminist sex shops who might be interested in carrying the Furious Vulvas. I’ve also been using this list, and this list to find smart shops to see if they would be interested in samples. Do you have any places to add (if you’ve already responded on Facebook, thanks!)? I sent out 15 boxes of samples this week, more to come! So far two places are carrying them: Sugar, in Baltimore, and The Tool Shed, in Milwaukee. For some reason (well, I think we all know the reason), the women I’ve been emailing with who work at and/or own these shops are just ridiculously nice. They’ve been offering me all kinds of ideas and suggestions and tips on how to get Furiouz Vulvaz into the hands of feminist sex shop customers all across this fine sexy country of ours. How lovely.

So, if you want to play matchmaker and facilitate a woman-friendly shop (sexy or otherwise) in your town carrying the Bonbons (I wholesale the Vulvas, Vandanas, PB Cups and Peppermint Patties), I’ll gladly send you a care package full of chocolate treats!*

Speaking of chocolates: I finally sent Vandana Shiva herself samples of her eponymous chocolate (remember that whole thing?), and haven’t heard back yet…I’m dying to hear what she thinks! I’ll let you know when I hear.

Speaking of lovely women, I’ve long been obsessed with the illustrator/designer/painter Caroline Hwang. I’ve loved her work in Bust, and I adored her sewn cover type for Readymade. I recently asked her if she would make a handmade banner for the Bonbons (for when I do trade shows and things), and she said yes! So exciting!!

Speaking of Caroline, via her blog I was re-introduced to the work of Megan Whitmarsh, whose amazing embroidery (I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about my love for twee embroidery! Wow, there are always more things to blog about. Unbelievable.) I’ve seen here and there—oh my god, it’s SO GREAT.

Speaking of SO GREAT people: Everything Joshua Katcher writes about pretty much fascinates me. Check out this info-packed post that includes his thoughts on topics as diverse as pocket squares, non-silk ties, and why Sea World must die—and also this one about “green” appliances.

Speaking of fascinating, and have you read Brittany’s post about why you should be social networking? It’s good.

Speaking of reading, if you love Zadie Smith like I do, you might already know that there is a really awesome little TV movie of White Teeth—and you can watch it on Hulu, in four delicious segments. I personally prefer On Beauty, but this adaptation was, as they say, thoroughly enjoyable.

Speaking of watching: have you seen this I-promise-you-not-at-all-boring documentary about the Chicago 10, about Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin and the other dudes who created a mighty fine ruckus in Chicago in 1968? (My mom, as the sort of Where’s Waldo of the 1960s that she was, was there!) Two quotes from the movie:

We believe that politics is a way you live your life, not who you support. It’s not in terms of rallies, or speeches, or political programs, it’s in terms of images, and in terms of transforming people’s lives. —Abbie Hoffman

The [pick your] war is not just an accident–it’s a byproduct of the capitalist system we have in this country. …We need to put forth new kinds of values in order to create a new kind of society in which a Vietnam wouldn’t even be possible. — Abbie Hoffman

Speaking of transforming people’s lives: time for me to sleep.

I hope only wonderful things, like daffodils and cute embroideries and ramps (!), are happening in your world, dear internet.

I most certainly hope your government isn’t forcing you to buy health insurance when you don’t believe in the goddamn allopathic craptastic corporate-run health care system in the first place, because that, my friend, that would be a goddamn fucking tragedy.


(Perhaps I should write a post about how the idiocy of my government has made me slowly slide toward becoming one of those nutty libertarians or something. Ugh. It’s not that I’m opposed to paying into a general fund so that everyone who needs health care can get some, I’m all for that**…and I suppose me being forced to buy health insurance is kinda sorta, a little bit, the same thing, but….UGH. Listen, USA: I don’t get sick. And when I do, I go to my homeopathic friends and they tell me what remedy to take. The idea of dipping a toe into the shark-infested waters of mainstream health care scares the fuck out of me. I’m so beyond sickened with…oh, you know. Sickened! Ha! A health care pun. Oh my god I am so filled with rage.)



*The fine print: the shop needs to place at least one wholesale order, and needs to be in the US, as do you. That’s it!

**I’m of course much more for ending the trizillion exercises in useless killing around the world we’re paying for immediately—and when I say immediately, I mean immediately—and using the bajillion dollars saved to pay for health care for everyone, along with, you know, everything else we need and oh sigh—have I mentioned that my property taxes went up like 1000% this year and how unfair that system is and how we need property tax reform that’s based on income instead so that everyone pays their fair share according to their ability and…oh, hell.

6 Responses to “Monday Miscellany: sex, fascism, art, chocolate, and when all those spools fell down”

  1. Christy H

    I have (barely) successfully resisted the urge to respond to your passing comment about healthcare bs. I need to process my feelings though, so if you find a nice radical critique, I sure would appreciate it.
    As for the rest of the post, well, I want to know about your obsession with embroidery!
    And hurray for furious vulvas.

    • lagusta

      Yeah…I need it. I think, deep in my bones, that I’m probably wrong on this issue and, furthermore, might be misunderstanding it on a deep level. But…damn I don’t want health insurance!!!!

  2. lagusta

    I know I’m speaking from a very elitist position here, I want everyone to know that–if an emergency happened, I could figure out how to pay for it. I know many people couldn’t. So yeah, emergency health insurance would be good. But this thing….everyone’s just so happy we have SOMETHING…and yeah, something is good, but….just puke.

    Oh wow! The Democrats did SOMETHING! We’re supposed to lick their feet now? No thanks.

  3. Jordan

    The only good thing about it was when Biden said fuck! FUCK! A V.P. says fuck! I got goose bumps and for once in my life I was proud to be an American. Oh and there was that kid that was right there in a blue tie that matched with the President’s. That was all showy!

    I agree about Insurance staying for those who want to buy into it. Its not like car insurance, your not having it only effects you for the most part. I mean my not having health insurance doesnt back into yours. I’m pretty sure we pay either way.

    I also like how fox news is shitting in their pants over the whole thing and Sara Palin is coming off like high school gunman. Oh and how the states are on that list that are gonna file suit and then Citizens are fileing suit against the states, ~ Drama~. I’m just gonna stay the fuck out of it and eat vegan and organic do yoga and enjoy the CHOCOLATES!

    I guess its good for those that need it and want it. Who knows anything about any of this thou. Its always years later that we hate or dont mind it.

  4. brittany



    thanks for the props and way to go on the embroidery! i’d accuse you of stealing my thunder, but i’ve got 3 easter dresses to sew and not much time to do it, and barbie blog on fbk part 2 comes before lovely fun things, so ehhhhh… <3 <3 <3


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