monday miscellany: six things. A movie, a meal, a trade (with you?), and more.

1) This is more of a note/promise/reminder to myself: I really want to a) fix up my New Paltz dining guide and b) work on a veggie-friendly Hudson Valley dining guide. Start taking notes on places and sending them to me, OK? What hidden gems do you love, upstaters?

Also, I just created a new blog category to fit all my restaurant notes into. I’ll go through and re-tag them soon so you can have a handy swear-y vegan-y snooty foodie dining guide right here!

2) This blog, pointed out to me by the ever-fabulous Kara of Wintergreens, is ridiculously fascinating.

3) Eventually I know I must do this, though I will throw the entire library into a very pretty sort of chaos. On the other hand, I could just buy them–ha! Who besides weirdly rich and uncultured people and film sets actually do this? (via Brittany)

4) How to Train Your Dragon: I saw this tonight with 2 BFFs and my bestest 7-year-old pal. I knew nothing about it, didn’t feel like seeing a movie, and was worried it would be too actiony/childish, but by the end I was unapologetically in a puddle of happy tears. (Our bestie Ebert might say I have a 6-year-old’s taste, but I’d argue that it’s solidly that of a 7-year-old, as we both agreed immediately afterward that it was our favorite movie [It’s probably safe to say, however, that he doesn’t share my other favorite movies: Antonia’s Line, Small Change, Au Revoir les Enfants, & Shortbus.].)

First of all, the primary dragon protagonist, Toothless, IS MY CAT SULA. Everyone we saw the movie with agreed. He looked and acted exactly like him, which was pretty awesome. I had no idea my most fearful cat had a whole other career in Hollywood.

More interesting to non-Sula-the-cat pals is this: it seemed to me that HtTYD is the perfect Avatar-type movie for people (like, everyone sane) who loathed Avatar with such righteous ragey fury. It has the same “be nice to the earth and animals!” message, but somehow it’s so much more interesting/well-done/not headachey/not so dudey/not offensive to Native peoples/not so annoying/not too long/ basically just 20 trizillion times better in every way. There is a tiny pro-pets message that will irk the hardest of the hardcore animal rights activists out there, but overall it’s ridiculously heart melty.

5) The other night, we all went to En Japanese Brasserie (previously mentioned by me here), and it was super lovely, a great addition to the ever-growing roster of amazing places to eat in NYC. They make their own artisanal tofu three times a day, and though the vegan dishes aren’t marked on the menu and at first glance it might seem like there isn’t much, a consultation with the waiter will help guide you to what’s safe. They put fish sauce in the shoyu though, so be sure to ask for straight up soy sauce. We had good success by asking for a few things on the menu minus their fishy broths and things, and there were even a few killer desserts—the haunting shiso sorbet was a perfect ending. Give it a try! (We also saw Anna Deavere Smith there, happily knocking back wine and gabbing with a gal pal in high style, not an hour after I’d been gushing about my love for Nurse Jackie, making me not only psychic but also keeping my streak of seeing someone famous on (or near) the street every time I come into the city lately [Scarlett Johansson, Neal Patrick Harris, that skinny weirdo who’s married to Ferris Bueller, and that cute guy in Gogol Bordello are all recent sightings, I’m sort of horrified to admit. I’m not a celebrity-y person, I swear! But it’s fun when the big ones walk right past you!]

6) Finally…wait, what was the last thing? I can’t remember.

Well, how about this: did you know that the piers on the west side of Manhattan are at the street numbers minus 40? So, Pier 57 is at 17th street. And that the Titanic was supposed to dock at Pier 59 (19th st!)? And that the 7 points in the Statue of Liberty’s crown represent the 7 continents and 7 seas? And that I’ve been doing touristy things in NYC with guests?

Oh dang, wait, I just remembered:#6 was actually important!

It was that I’ve got to do some overhauls to Are you a great graphic designer who might want to trade mad HTML skillz for food (if you’re in the HV)/chocolates/cash/ some combo of the three (preferably heavy on the first two)? If so, email me some samples of sites you’ve made, OK? Let’s talk! I found my amaaaaaazing designer through this here blog, so let’s try again (she’s too busy with general awesomeness to do another site for me, alas. There’s only so many chocos one vegan can eat, ya know?)!



4 Responses to “monday miscellany: six things. A movie, a meal, a trade (with you?), and more.”

  1. brittany

    ah, first again. i’m coming back into the real world, thank god.

    aside from the fact that my new apartment is A M A Z I N G, part of why i’m so excited to move is the bookness. oh god. and updating my delicious library. with my new cuecat. OH GOD.

    also, SCARLETT JOHANSSON????? ahhhhh. and that skinny freak – does she look like a foot IRL, too? i need to go to nyc with you more often. or, just stop going to nyc. also a good choice.

  2. Emili

    Where did you get the fabric on your headboard?! I have a scarf in the exact same print!

    • lagusta

      cool! i got it at some thrift store, long ago…I really love the print, I can imagine it being an awesome scarf!


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