What Amelia Earhart said to her groom

You must know again my reluctance to marry, my feeling that I shatter thereby chances in work which means so much to me…In our life together I shall not hold you to any medieval code of faithfulness to me, nor shall I consider myself bound to you similarly…I may have to keep some place where I can go to be myself now and then, for I cannot guarantee to endure at all the confinements of even an attractive cage.

2 Responses to “What Amelia Earhart said to her groom”

  1. Dan

    And, if you have the time or patience for a quick foray into the ever-perplexing realm of popular culture, do you (or any of your thoughtful readers) have thoughts on whether Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” (on the top of the charts for four weeks I’m told) is a feminist or anti-feminist number? I thought I’d appeal to this bastion of critical commentators to settle a score between a friend and I…

  2. lagusta

    OK, I just watched the video. I think it’s total trash. The same old bullshit mainstream trash, just slightly reversed. The woman is “deciding” that she wants to shake her tits and ass and be in control of the situation, but a radical feminist would argue that under patriarchy there is no choice there. She’s just following the fashion of the day, not feminism.

    That’s not to say that I don’t think women should sing songs about sex, or even that they shouldn’t shake their tits if they want to. It’s just so clear that Rihanna is doing it in the least revolutionary context possible. She’s not empowering anyone, she’s just titillating. Within the context of the mainstream music industry, feminism cannot win. I dunno. It’s just…boring to me. Same old same old.

    I bet, however, that Brittany would disagree. What say you, BT?

    What do you think Dan? What side of the bet are you on?


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