fancy new address/hair/freebies/the usual outrage


Four quickies, illustrated with ultra blurry photos of myself wearing outfits I want to remember to wear again. (So dorky, but who cares!) First of all, can I brag that I made this dress (and the belt!!) from a shapeless sack thing I got from a clothes-by-the-pound pile? Long-sleeved dresses are my jam lately. So versatile in these mercurial temperatures!

1) There is a new address for this here blog!!! Please update your bookmarks or whatever it is you techie kids do to point to If you don’t, will still point there, but is a cooler address, so please note it.

2) WTF with this article about shaving in the NYT? Here’s my take on it from earlier today when I was starving and grumpy and went to Facebook to vent:

“In a phone interview, Ms. Palmer, who doesn’t shave her legs, either, said, “People assume you’re making a statement, but I’m not.” Say what?”

NO NOT “SAY WHAT” YOU NYT FREAK. grrrrr. It’s NOT a political statement not to shave (or to shave), it’s just ***BEING ALIVE*** and choosing what to focus your energy on. GRRRRRR. I shaved my legs two weeks ago, but don’t see why I should ever shave my armpits. Who fucking CARES? We’re neither “free spirits” NOR “unkempt,” WE ARE JUST PEOPLE. Oh, fuck you, NYT.

Seriously, why is it that women have to be either “free spirits” or “unkempt”? I myself am decidedly neither. I’m an uptight radical who is very much kempt, in that I bathe, take care in selecting my clothes, obsessively style and groom my hair, and own SIXTY-FIVE PAIRS OF SHOES. But because I don’t wear makeup or shave my armpits, I’m a dirty hippie. Oh, society!

3) Totally switching tracks: If you’re in the HV in the next two weeks, there are two opportunities to get free Bonbons samples! Here’s what I said about it in my Bonbons promo email today!

This Saturday we’ll be handing out samples at the all-vegan shoe store Cow Jones Industrials, where Cri de Coeur’s shoe designer will be having a trunk sale that looks nothing short of luscious. [Blog pals, have you already guessed that I am trading chocolates for shoes? OH YES.] Then, the weekend after that (April 24 and 25) we’re headed up to Rhinebeck to the Hudson Valley 40th Anniversary Earth Day Celebration. We’ll be bringing tons of Vandana Shiva chocolates in honor of Vandana herself, who has done so much amazing environmental activism.

Why do I look so mean?? The dress fits so well!

4) Will I see all you Mew Paltzians at the School Board meeting tomorrow? WHAT A RIDICULOUS MESS. These tea-partiers/right-wingers/nutbaggers (I just made that term up! Let’s keep it, shall we?) are starving our town! I mean seriously. The tax system in Ulster County needs to be revamped, we know that. We must switch to income, rather than property-based taxes to determine school taxes. Let’s focus on that, and not on bleeding the schools dry, OK, nutbaggers? Anyway, if I can escape vulvizing, I’ll be there, loud and proud. OK, probably just hanging out to add weight to the outrage, but that counts, right? Or maybe I’ll gather up my courage and just scream “nutbaggers!!!!” in the middle of the whole thing. Who knows. The details, filled with the “our children” language of which I’m not a fan, but we’ll overlook it for now:

Dear Community Members,

At the Board of Education meeting this week, the board requested the district develop a 0% budget proposal.  There is no way a 0% budget would not be devastating to the quality of education in New Paltz.  For this reason, it is crucial that everyone who is able to be present at the next board meeting on Wednesday, April 14th, do so.

Our collective presence and voices need to be heard, and the powerfully vital programs that our district currently has in place need to be protected.  The board listens to those who come out and speak.  However, as it stands right now, the voices have been much louder and much more vigilant from those who are ready to discard the needs of the precious children in our community.   We all feel the pain of the current economic pressures, but we cannot stand by passively allow our children to suffer tremendous educational losses which will result in devastating consequences in the future.  Some of the most devastating program cuts will be most strongly felt at the primary level and will therefore effect those children in pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades.

Please help support our children and the dedicated professionals who strive each and everyday to ensure that every student receives the care and attention that she or he deserves.

There is a block of time during the Board of Education meeting set aside for public comment.  Two minutes is allotted for each person to speak, and the time to speak is now!  Come with your comments, pleas, questions, ideas… Come with your voice ready to be heard!  Our children need all of us right now!

Board of Education Meeting will be held at the Audion in the High School on Wednesday, April 14th, at 7:00 pm.

Please forward this to anyone that you think may be able to help…

Thank you for your dedication and your continued commitment to making sure our children receive the education to which they are entitled.

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