old soul song (for the new world order)

Well, not really.

But I did create a shiny new blog just for my meal delivery service!

It might be interesting to the more food-obsessed among you all. I’m planning on posting food news and notes and photos. I think it’ll be a good sort of diary for me as I cook through the seasons.

Don’t worry though, I’ll still have this blog to post recipes, expletive-filled food rants, and all the many, many things my Upper West Sidey clients don’t really need to hear, like: I am today wearing a vintage super tight romper I bought for $5 that is about to cut me in half down the middle. Or, more accurately, up the middle. Plus 4″ heels. I can’t really explain why. When Jacob saw me tottering down the stairs and clutching the banister like a 90-year-old woman, he said, “You do know we’re just going to the coffeehouse, the health food store, and your work, right?” Fair point. But I pointed out to him that I did have a pair of black flats with me for when I had to actually, you know, walk.

I am puzzled by my own clothing choices, and thus can’t really expect others to understand them. It’s fun to dress up, I guess that’s what it boils down to. As long as you don’t have to, like, use your legs. Or, in my case today, bend over, lest your shorts ride up so tightly that they also provide highly effective birth control.

Anyway, the very non-cameltoey brand new blog is at lagustasluscious.wordpress.com.

See you tomorrow at Cow Jones (scroll down for the details)!

4 Responses to “old soul song (for the new world order)”

  1. Randal Putnam

    It’s lacey, just too lazy to log in as me. I LOVE your outfit!!!! Just like I need your help finding good books, could you sometime help me find some eco-friendly clothes that aren’t just ” I love pigs” t-shirts. In return, I would offer free counseling services, awesome cocktails, or simply my eternal graditude.
    You are my hero (as well as my niece’s icon, she is almost 11 thinks you are the coolest of the cool).

    • lagusta

      Alas, my dear, I have no clothes tips. Today I looked down and I was wearing a pink lumpy sweater, baggy brown corduroys, blue striped socks, black super old leather shoes, and a green coat. It’s as if I got dressed in the dark. Why does that happen sometimes? Books, however….


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