not the cruelest month, not at all

Every year when I’m bitterly complaining about winter, someone asks, “So, why do you live here, if you hate the cold so much?” And I just look at them like they are insane, and reply: “Spring, of course.”

And so I’ll write the same post I seem to have to write every year.

I grew up in a land with no spring (in the worst state in the entire world). No winter either! And no beautiful, bittersweet fall. Just SUMMER. In all caps, bold, italicized SUMMER. It got old. And then I went to the East coast for the first time in my life, and winter hit me like a baseball bat. Winter in Rochester, where I went to college, lasted pretty much into summertime. There were some lilacs, then a few months of glorious sun, then winter descended again. Now I live 5 or so hours southeast of Rochester, and winter isn’t so bad. Or maybe it’s not so bad because of global warming? Sigh.

Either way, spring is glorious.

Even if your fancy camera is at work, so you are reduced to documenting it with your phone camera.

first day of outside laundry

The patio, ready for dinner outside. Not that this workaholic is ever home around dinnertime, but it’s ready, nonetheless.

Just outside the frame: peonies just beginning to poke up.

I never eat my ferns, because I want them to grow up all ferny and huge, but the temptation is there…

Running errands with no jacket!

Cleo celebrates the season by resting her head on a comfy twig.

All that, and a brand new Moleskine too!

I hope my friend Katy won’t see this and notice that the copy of David Copperfield she gave me (“You’ll LOVE IT!!!”) is, 2 years later, still hanging out, uncracked, on the nightstand…

8 Responses to “not the cruelest month, not at all”

  1. christy

    Excuse me for asking such a dumb question– are you drawing your own calendar in? I’m crazy about journals, calendars, and lists– and I love to see what other people put in theirs. Which Moleskin do you have?

    I love your happy kitchen table, and big window, and all the flowers!

  2. lagusta

    THANK YOU for asking! I love nothing more than talking about journals, calendars, and lists. After much struggling to find a good system for my day-to-day to-do list + monthly calendar + journal, here’s what I do now, and it works perfectly for me.

    For my everyday messy to-do list, I have those small Moleskine notebooks that you can put in your back pocket. Then, the one above is the sketchbook thing, I think it’s called, with heavyweight paper. I do draw my own calendar. I draw it for about 18 months, then use the rest of the book as a journal/note-taking book, and so far it has worked out that the journal part gets filled up in about 18 months.

    Ahhhh, paper. Just thinking about it is calming!

  3. Jordan

    Your camera phone did a great job! Those pictures are so great! Your kitchen table with that window and those bottles is stunning!

    Might I ask what that book is on your night stand that is sitting up right, And says something like the art of vegetarian cooking?? Is it a good book?

    • lagusta

      It’s a book called The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking….and I haven’t ever cracked it either!! Oh man. Doesn’t it look great?

  4. Erin

    I love the kitty on the twig! And the drawn-in calenders. I bought three calenders this year (printed on recycled paper at least). One is the rough-draft calender, the other the final-draft and the last the actual/house chores. I love it.

    And I love spring too! I start to burst at the seams every day now. Literally. I get giddy and jumpy.


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