interlude: cupcakes

If, let’s just say, you’re in a phase of your life where you’re just sort of holding your breath and waiting for things to happen around you and this is threatening to make you insane, you need some good distractions. A good hard job is always nice, but I already have two of those, so I need more.

Cupcakes work nicely.
















Tomorrow we’ll talk about frosting.

13 Responses to “interlude: cupcakes”

    • lagusta

      Thanks! It’s actually Jacob’s camera that I’ve pretty much stolen permanently. It’s great!

    • lagusta

      YES YES YES!!! Info to come tomorrow!!! OK actually, those are ridiculously easy to frost. It’s just a big giant tip and one plop per cupcake. Deceptively simple!

  1. Donna

    Why do all of my funks end in tears instead of cupcakes???

    • lagusta

      Oh, mine do too. I’m not in a funk, really, just….nervous! I need constant things to do with my hands every single second. Cupcakes are good for moods like that. : )

  2. Jordan

    Wow… I really needed to see a post like that today. I Will try making them this weekend if you would be so kind as a recipe.
    I have sooooooooooooo many vegan cookbooks and besides the bloodroots and this sight I never use any recipes. Just make the same 6 things over and over. And your Koshari is one of them.

  3. tax day « resistance is fertile

    […] pre-Easter/Passover. And, on top of everything, it looks like ol’ Miss Secret Project is finally [that link will only take you to photos of cupcakes] happening, which means a whole other round of […]


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