general store and general prettiness

Hello my pretties. Just a quick reminder that I’m doing oodles of photo-heavy produce + farm + cooking blogging over at my new professional blog (which makes it sound like I’m a professional blogger, argh), and also that if you’re a Hudson Valley person, take a look at my pretty little online General Store and let me know if you want anything. I’m telling you, these vanilla beans are INSANE. If you want to mailorder any of this stuff along with chocolates, I can work that out too, just shoot me an email at

2 Responses to “general store and general prettiness”

  1. inthelivingkitchen

    Hey, could we figure something out with the CSA and Lagusta’s General Store? I don’t really know how much interest there might be with only 55 members…but there might be! I could plug it and if people are interested we could work it out so they pick stuff up at the distribution. Just a thought. Also, we should put your bonbons card out at the CSA distributions when they start up. What do you think?

    • lagusta

      I think yay and yay! That would be perfect! Let’s talk. You dudes are the best. Still eagerly waiting for a night off to tuck into the buckwheat beer!!!


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