June’s going to be awesome, dudes

First thing to do in a hotel room: arrange the four pairs of shoes you brought for two rainy days.

I’m in NYC with my loverboy for the next few days, and am determined to shake off May’s ridiculousnesses. Kajitsu tonight, Gillian Welch tomorrow, but right now: paperwork in a super chic hotel room, then a bath while chipping away at the six New Yorkers I’m behind on. Good times. After that I’ll be working hard on my newest project: making a new chocolate every month, for the rest of my life, with no repeats. I’ve got the first two years already planned out and all I can say is, BE EXCITED. And also, if you aren’t already, become a fan of Bluestocking Bonbons by Lagusta’s Luscious for all the prettiness that is June’s choco! Gorgeous pictures await you on Ye Olde Facebooke.

While I’m working and playing hard, might I suggest you catch up on Dan Torres’ blog? Dan is this super cute New Paltz Democrat who just finished his freshman year in college, and happens to be New Paltz’s youngest ever elected official, having been elected to the NP School Board a few years ago. I’m hoping that in time he becomes a bit more of a radical, but if you want reassurance that the youths of today have their heads on straight, it’s a good read.

love and June strawberries,


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