jesus died for somebody’s sins, and I really don’t feel like doing accounting

Rainy day off—no fair!

So I decided I had better do some accounting and house cleaning. I managed to clean the entire place, but when I sat looking at that big pile of receipts, I knew it wasn’t going to happen. What’s that thing non-small business owners have? Fun, or something? I decided I should have some of that. So I decided to do some sewing (also sort of a chore, albeit one I like—I have a real problem with fun, it seems.), and in the course of looking for a shirt that needed hemming I decided to fuck everything, dress up like Patti Smith, and spend some quality time with the camera self-timer. Behold!

Horses! Horses! Horses!

We’ve got several problems here. The shirt is more like what caterers wear, and the “skinny tie” is, yes, an untied bow tie. I also had to wear Jacob’s black jeans, which don’t fit nice and tight like Patti’s. Alas. Perfection is impossible, Lagusta!

Am I…um…being really weird on the internet right now? I sort of think so.

(Ignore those towels in the background.)

Along with the Kevin & Winnie photo, I’m starting a real collection here!

PS: I watched I Like Killing Flies last night (fun! I did it!) and my god, it was amazing. Remember that article Calvin Trillin wrote about Shopsin’s years ago? How wonderful to know such cranks exist in the world. He’s basically my hero. (Let’s just ignore the title, the fly killing, and the non-veganness in order to get the larger message [individuality in a world that has basically been stripped of it is valuable] OK?).

10 Responses to “jesus died for somebody’s sins, and I really don’t feel like doing accounting”

  1. britt

    haha loves it. although, dare i ask why you have the biggest map i’ve ever seen of the place you hate most in the world in your bathroom?

  2. jland1

    I was looking around at food related sites and happened on yours. So much fun; I’m going to have to read more and more often. Great. Thank you.


  3. ruby

    Ok, you made my day and convinced me to get a camera with a timer (the only digital picture taker I have so far is my iphone).

    Be your own Mapplethorpe! I like it.

    • ruby

      What a great idea! This may, in fact, be my next band name! I’ll send you updates when we record our first (ridiculous) demos.

  4. lagusta

    Ruby, you should recreate every twee Zooey Deschanel photo shoot ever, since you are her exact twin!

    • ruby

      Thanks for saying that. She’s a good 30 pounds lighter than me, but I’m taller & my job does not require thinness.

      I’ll totally add this to my post-camp projects list! (This goes under the category of “fun” along with planning a stop in NP when you kids are both in town! The other side of the list includes vaguely upsetting phrases like “financial stuff.”

  5. arch

    i’ve always wanted that singlet she wears on the easter cover. oddly, i have one like yours.


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