You’re welcome!

You know how once in a while you see Google ads on this here blog? It was making me nuts. I just learned that for $27.97 a year I could be free of this most unanarchistic inconvenience, so I went ahead and did it. Yay!

If you feel the need to thank me for sparing your eyeballs and your politics this annoyance, a box of chocolates (for yourself, of course!) would be most appreciated. Just a thought…

3 Responses to “You’re welcome!”

  1. ecclescake

    You know, I was just thinking earlier about how my experience of the internet seems to differ from the norm. Apparently there are ads on Facebook? And WordPress blogs too, eh? I never saw any here. I put an ad-blocking extension on my browser ages ago and that was that. Clean and quiet.

    • lagusta

      That, my friend, is an excellent point. It is such a different world with the ad-blockers.


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