That “you’re welcome” post below is annoying me. It always annoys me when bloggers ask for money of any kind, to be honest. I know some bloggers are doing wonderful journalistic or artistic or culinary or whatever sort of work, and work deserves compensation of some form, but the whole “like this blog? Donate to my PayPal account!” irks me in a nonspecific way I can’t really articulate. There’s nothing wrong with it, I suppose, but I don’t want to pretend to myself that my little letting-off-steam/scrapbook/journal/ranty blog is exactly revolutionarily (?) transforming the world and as such deserves your hard-earned dollars. (I know, I didn’t ask for donations, I asked for you to buy yourself a present—but still!) Mostly I write it for myself, and love it when like-minded thoughtful people stop by and say hello. And that’s good enough.

So I want to put another post up to push the other dude down a little, but my mind is a little scattery and it’s that time of year when I want to play in the sunshine instead of argue about The New Yorker, so I will leave you with just this:

Candy cups.

From Japan.

That say “puppy smile.”

15 Responses to “placeholder”

  1. Cassie

    Dear Lagusta- I’ve been stalking your blog often since I stumbled upon it a few weeks ago, and have denied my urges to comment before now as I have a surprisingly difficult time producing eloquence and wittiness on demand. BUT! I couldn’t stop myself this time, because the photo above and this one below belong archived together for all time and eternity. Amen.

    Smile Drawn Time

    • lagusta

      Oh! Love it!!! I have a weirdly huge collection of Japanese hilarity in the form of notebooks, stationery, signs, oh, so so much. When I was in Japan for a week three years ago I basically just took photos of things like the “Zen Mall” and melons that cost $40 (not hilarious, exactly, but certainly interesting.) instead of doing anything cultural.
      My favorite find is a little notebook I carry around to write cooking notes in. I should scan it in, but here’s the text on the front, unaltered:

      “Pucca is a sweet daughter of the Chinese restaurant.
      She is a mania to a zzazzangmyeon.
      Her boyfriend is GARU. He always chased by her.
      You will going to expect their funny lovestory.”

      Oh my god I love it so. I tried to find it on this website:, but no luck so far.

      All I’ve never wanted is to be a mania to a zzazzangmyeon, you know?

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Dustin Rhodes

    Non-sequitur: I have such a love/hate with The New Yorker, although I just renewed my subscription. I think it’s all about the music reviews, and how pretty much I have the exact same taste as the reviewer (which is maybe bad taste) that keeps me coming back—even though it’s only a page or two. We both seem to like pop music for middle-aged people (Tracey Thorn) and pop music for people who are trying to come to terms with not being, um, young (Robyn) but pretending we still are. A theme?


    • lagusta

      Dude, I have the biggest love/hate with Sasha Frere-Jones imaginable. For about 5 years I thought he was a black woman. I liked him a lot then. Now not so much. Maybe that says more about me than him. Now I think he’s just your standard hipstery Bklyn dude, and I hate that we share the same taste and that he’s so fucking articulate.

      • ruby

        I, too, thought he was a black woman until I saw him on TV a few years ago. Also, I thought everyone loves Robyn & Tracey Thorn, but I tend to be positively confused when people don’t enjoy the music I adore. I guess that displays a certain lack of imagination.

  3. zoe p.

    Did I also think that Sasha Frere-Jones was a black woman once upon a time? Or was that just you? I don’t even know anymore.

    I like how his reviews are so articulate he’s almost dull sometimes, but in his blogs (both the personal one and the one at TNY) he’s inarticulate (to the point of wordlessness) but more expressive.

    I also liked the recent profile of the S African president. So you’ll get no New Yorker hatin’ from me these days.

      • Dustin Rhodes

        God, I love his reviews. But, yes, I thought he was a black woman until yesterday, and am mourning the loss.

        Anyway, I love him because, like his review of Tracey Thorn’s latest album (which is really spare, brilliant and a little heart-breaking), he really treats all music the same. That is, art can come in many packages and forms. I really don’t think he’s a pretentious hipster, which is why I like him. What am I missing?

      • lagusta

        Yeah, calling him a hipster was, I guess, just a knee-jerky things to say. I once heard him interviewed on a podcast (TBTL) by a total fan of his who asked insightful, good questions, and he was laconic to the point of catatonic. It was painful to hear. So I guess that’s what put the impression that he was sitting in his Williamsburg apt drinking PBR and stoned out of his mind in my head. Maybe he was just tired.

        His blog ( is fun though. You’re totally right about it, Z! Inarticulate, but more expressive.

  4. lagusta

    Oh, now he will probably see this post because of that link and I feel bad when that happens and people (me) aren’t saying all positive things. Sasha, you’re so smart! Yay for you! And your cutie brother who was in Helvetica and is a font designer! I want to eat both of you up! Yay internet!

    OK I feel better.

    • lagusta

      Hey, while we’re (sort of) on the subject, did you dudes (Dustin and Zoe and other NYer readers, not Sasha, though, you know, feel free to weigh in too) read the Steve Carell profile? I was underwhelmed and ililluminated. Ililluminated, I tell you.

  5. zoe p.

    Hm. No. I’ll put it in the beach bag, as I’m responding to currents of small screen-humor-gender-politics this summer.


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