as your lips touched mine in the photobooth…

Last night I sat at my desk and handwrote a blog post on hotel stationary because I couldn’t sleep. It’s pretty cute/angsty/oversharey. Maybe when I get some time on Tuesday I’ll scan it in. Or maybe I’ll post a recipe or something. Who knows. What’s up, blog? I am completely devoid of political rants/recipe-typing energy/link excitement/bitter witticisms these days. Is it summer? Existential ennui? Or just that nothing but horrible crap is happening in the world and even summoning the energy to get upset about it feels like too much?

Whatever, here are completely random snapshots of the sunny season so far:


Got my hair did. There are red streaks, but you can't see them here.

If you've got to be a weirdo packrat, at least you can be organized. Anyone want any used peelers?


Makin the fakin' bacon by making the best chocolates I've made in my whole dang life.

Birthday bouquet and Mr. Square Smile.

To Kill A Mockingbird outside on the big screen!

Hey, have you read The Cookbook Collector, by Allegra Goodman? I’m listening to it now. I love it so far. I’ve also been working my way through Reno 911 as I cook and peeps, I’m not much of a LOLer, but that show is making me lose my shit on a regular basis.

Hot times,


or as my hairdresser said: “Hey, I didn’t know your name was Rebecca.”

“That’s OK, because it’s not.”

“Oh, when you called, I thought you said Rebecca.”

“No, but I think when I say my name fast it might sound that way. I’ve gotten that one before.”

“Wait, how do you say it regularly?”

“Well, I say la-GUS-ta, but since you speak Spanish, I know you say la-GOH-sta, and that’s OK.”

“It’s not La-goh-sta?”

“Well, I mean, who knows. I think I was named for a porn star, anyway.”

“Oh honey. Lets get your hair rinsed.”

8 Responses to “as your lips touched mine in the photobooth…”

  1. florence

    The rosemary-sea salt caramels are amazing. I have had 3 of them today! I was so intrigued by them and when I tasted them I was just blown away, in awe. It is just that when you put it in your mouth and it starts to melt and you get that salty sweet buttery creaminess and all of a sudden the rosemary aroma or effect or whatever hits, my brain can only process the awesome, perfectly balanced flavors. Genius.

    • lagusta

      Yay!! I’m so glad you like them! Yeah, I’ve had 3 in a day and been up at 3:47 am too. ;)

  2. laceyputnam

    My mom has recommended many Allegra Goodman books for me. I read Kaaterskill Falls. Very good.

    Randy and I are also Reno 911 fans. We did just finish watching Flight of the Conchords, have you seen it? Super funny!

    Keep enjoying the beauty of summer. We are feeling the heat in a serious way, but keeping ourselves occupied with the frisbee golf action. Randy has pulled me into this world of disc golf and I am loving it.

    Stay cool,


    • lagusta

      Oh man Flight of the Conchords is ridiculous! It’s one of those shows that I want to memorize long stretches of so I can repeat them to myself and be in a happy mood forever.

  3. Christy H

    It’s good to let your inspiration ebb and flow… especially if it is ebbing in the name of summer-lovin’. I’ll keep you posted if I start to feel rage about anything.

    • lagusta

      AHHHHH!! That made my day! And I really needed my day made (see above. Or, even better, DON’T.)



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