How to pull yourself out of a bad mood:

(Well, how I did it, anyway)

  • Be naked until 6 PM on a hot day. I chose to do this in my house, but feel free to try it anywhere.
  • Eat six peaches, two plums, one slice of olive oily bread, one Caesar salad, and one bowl of poblano-corn chowder. And tings. Oh, and chocolate scraps. The August Chocolate of the Month testers, in particular. But that comes later.
  • Read this article in bed, surrounded by hot cats and peach pits. And lots of cat hair.
  • Vacuum the whole house. Ahhh. Clouds of cat hair magically disappear.
  • Tidy up your desk. Ahhh. Feel the calm washing over you.
  • Take a shower for the first time in three days. Ahhh.
  • Dress in your favorite summery outfit. Underwear optional.
  • Pop into town, drop off a box of chocolates your pals over at Karma Road ordered. Hang out at KR listening to Abbey Road and doing computer work until you feel your biz is under control, paperwork-wise. Tell weirdo blogs asking for freebies that you won’t send them samples. Wish more awesome blogs asked you for samples. Figure you could just email them to ask if they want samples. Nah, forget it.
  • Around 8 PM or so, drive to work and work on a big order of wedding truffles and the August Chocolates of the Month. (Now eat the testers, since they now exist.)
  • Around 1 AM, pick up your sweetheart from the bus from NYC where he’s been working all day. Give him a big kiss and say:

“I love you. I’ll go with you tomorrow if you’re playing tennis, OK? Maybe you can teach me what you love about it?”

I’ve done all but the last one.

2 Responses to “better”

  1. zoe p.

    Huh. That NYer article.

    A bunch of white dudes establish an economy based on shaky concepts like genius and authenticity, then prop it up with their own dubious authority. And then some other white dude schemer comes a long and tries to exploit of weaknesses of this economy? I feel like I’ve heard that one before.

    However, I thought the article was REALLY well-written. I enjoyed reading it out loud (rare) and I thought it was plotted like a mystery story. I thought that gold paint sounded suspicious . . . !

    • lagusta

      I agree x1,000!!! Yep.

      Also I finallllly finished the Seabrook adoption article– turns out the issue was hanging out in the bathroom, of course. I know there are huge issues with adoptions, but I can’t help it: the article got to me. Good for them! maybe I’m a secret softie.


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