word on the street…

…is that I have officially been elected as an alternate for the Town of New Paltz Planning Board.

Only in New Paltz could there be three open spaces yet I can only get on as an alternate. What does the alternate do when there are three open spaces? I’ll tell you what this alternate is going to do: come to every meeting, just as if she was on the board. “We the people,” my friends.

In other NP news, the New Paltz Times FINALLY redid their HORRIBLE website! Yay! It’s marginally better! So now I can point you to this awesomely hilarious and ultra New Paltzian article, and you can all go comment about how pot should be legal anyway. Wheee!

2 Responses to “word on the street…”

  1. Christy H

    Hilarious. It is sometimes better to be feared than loved.


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