hump day link dump, chumps! the pump don’t work because the vandals took the handles! sake!

Here’s some stuff. And an outfit! A blurry one! You can’t tell, but my hair is all Heidi-style! Themes, yo. Themes. I am into themes. Today’s was twee.

Oh, I have another painfully twee outfit–that weirdo dress, remember? I’ve got a lot, but the difference between my fuck-you mouth and my painfully cute outfits sometimes shocks people too much, so I have to regulate the tweeification so as not to kill people with the contradictory nature of the universe.

OK, let’s talk about real things now. For reals! Sometimes the world just sucks and all you have is outfits, you know? Not this week though. This week I’m just being superficial. It’s been a pretty good week.

(Why yes, I am having an end-of-night-and-it’s-90-degrees-in-here icy yuzu sake beverage, how can you tell?)

First of all I’ve got to beg you to vote for my little company in this VegNews poll-y thingy. Thank you! Look, there’s an icon & everything!

Peeps, are you watching Louie? My god. Mr. Lagusta is watching it over my shoulder as I click-clack. So good! I’ve been watching each episode on a loop at work. Awesomeness.

The people who make the jeans I like have a blog post about sharks that is cool. SHARKS!

Not Sark—sharks!

Remember in high school when we (maybe just me?) thought Sark’s weirdo handwritten rainbowy books were so deep and thoughtful? Oh, Sark. Good for you! Not my scene anymore, but good on ya. Eat mangoes naked! Almost a triple rainbow! Mixing pop-culture references!

Moving on. Shall we start talking about Mad Men? I just got caught up and am still all tingly in all my special parts. When I get a chance, I’m going to pore over this and this and this and more links that maybe you will point me to so I can get my think on. For now Peggy’s new hairstyle and that pink dress Joan was wearing when she was in Roger’s whiteout office has me on such a cloud that I’m not capable of anything more. Oh, and how great was THIS?

Here’s a good post on how to do what you know you need to do: get your attention span back.

I’m pretty convinced someone in my life has Asperger’s Syndrome, and thus I was interested in this link all about how to help a friend with autism navigate the wild world of Facebook. Pretty fascinating stuff.

Pretty pretty pretty.

Two great things happened this week: even though marriage is for idiots, now gay idiots can get married in CA, and yay for that. You knew that happened, though, so why am I even mentioning it? To be all avant-garde and holier-than-thou, of course!

The second is that the NY State senate passed a moratorium on fracking—yay! All those annoying phone calls paid off! It still needs to be passed by the assembly though. And even then it’s just the first of many, many steps.

Something to add to my someday-to-be-written veg dining guide to the H-to-the-V: dudes, why had no one ever told me about the taco place with homemade tortillas and oodles of veggie options run by a Chinese family who moved up from the city right next to Vassar before? You’ve got to tell me these things!

OK, is that it? My watered down yuzu sake is about done. Anything happening in your world?

Hey, can you tell me how to get people’s blog posts in my email even when their blog doesn’t have that little box saying “yo yo yo, like, give me your email and I will drop my blog posts right to your inbox, mofo!”? Google just mumbles something about RSS feeds that I don’t understand when I ask.

But if you’re torn between voting in the VegNews poll and telling me how to make that happen, mos def pick the former.

Go forth!

Seriously: worst cat mom ever.

6 Responses to “hump day link dump, chumps! the pump don’t work because the vandals took the handles! sake!”

  1. zoe p.

    Use Google Reader already! I imagine it would take a clever person like you less than 10 min to learn – just go into it with an explore-y, experimenting sort of attitude.

    But why start? A reader allows you to collect RSS feeds (automatic updates from blogs AND other types of news sites) that you then read AS IF they were emails, but in your Google Reader account. Thus, blog posts (and, say, local news updates) don’t clutter your personal and/or work email. But what I really like is that when you use a reader blog posts and local news updates collect in the same place as each other (and, of course you can make categories and priorities). And then these can then be easily read on the iPhone as you wait in the doctor’s office, etc.

    Am I really this impassioned about RSS feeds? No, but you caught the tail end of my endorsement, which began in the very dark, very hot night last night as I marched around a pond doing a comparative analysis of our local news sources and trying to get my partner-in-crime to make the Google Reader plunge. No better way to stay on top of the activities of the town Planning Board. (I mean, except, in your case, actually being on it. Congrats, btw.)

    (Steps off soap box.)

  2. lagusta

    Oh man, the whole world is telling me to use Google things lately. I don’t want to have to go to another website and log in and all that crap, I want it all in my email! Lazy, I know. Or wait, maybe it does to to a special Google place in your email?? OK, I will look into it.

    In unrelated news, last night I read that NYer article about hospice care and couldn’t sleep all night. SO good, but maybe not the thing to read right before bed.

  3. zoe p.

    Today we all hate Google! If you have a Gmail account, you’ll see the Reader option on the sort of internal “tabs” in the upper left – no separate login.

    Will read hospice during daylight hours.

    • lagusta

      I have no Gmail account! Facebook fulfills all my Big Brother spying/targeted ads needs. Alas. I’ll look into it anyway, thanks for the tip!

  4. Cassie

    Oh man oh my gawd Louie is sooooo deliciously good.
    “I said, I’m a LE-SBI-AN.”
    I’ve been dying for the entire world to love it. It’s like when you find a tiny little hole-in-the-wall taqueria and you’re like “holy christ! this is the best horchata to ever be sipped through a straw!!” but then you look around to find that beside you and the prepubescent counter boy the place is utterly abandoned, and then you know you need to go back, every single day, because their awesomeness needs you to succeed.

    • lagusta

      I know! that’s exactly how I feel about it.

      Nice poetry blog, lady!!!! How refreshing.


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