thursday things

Mostly just boring me me me stuff:

If you’d keep voting for Lagusta’s Luscious in the VegNews poll, I’d be grateful, even though it’s just a popularity contest, etc etc. I think that you can just vote for a handful of companies and answer their one required question (if you’re a subscriber) and can vote multiple times. Of course, if you fill out more than 50%, you are eligible for some lovely prizes.

And tickets for the Brooklyn dinner put together by the lovely Joshua Katcher that I’m cooking for are online here!

Have you seen The Kids Are Alright? I thought I was going to love it…then I didn’t. Over at my other blog, reader Dan pointed me to this link, which perfectly explains my thoughts on it, much more brilliantly than I ever could. The more I think about that movie, the more the message it sent sucks. Cutie Mark Ruffalo’s laid-back California-style cheffy character (who’s [Mark Ruffalo, that is, not his character, though it wouldn’t have been out of place, really] also a giant anti-fracking activist in my part of the woods, and how sexy is that?) did reignite some latent desires to own a restaurant, however. It took two days of  “It won’t be like it seems in the movies, Lagusta” repetition under my breath to quell the flames, and now I’ve calmed down.

That’s it for now! I’m off to post a food-pix post on my other blog, then off to work to send off Choco of the Month Club orders! These corn bars people….man oh man.

Love and other indoor sports (I can’t stop using that line! My god, my life is a Judy Blume book.)

Lagusta Pauline

5 Responses to “thursday things”

  1. Abby

    Nice to know I’m not the only one who was severely disappointed in this movie that had so much potential, but dropped the opportunity at every turn.

    The best way I’ve found to describe it has been to say that it revolves mostly around everyone else suffering for Julianne Moore’s character’s bad behavior. Besides Mark Ruffalo’s character’s relationship with his children (who really should have had more developed minds of their own) being abruptly and unfairly terminated, there was also the despicable firing of the landscape assistant, complete with playing stereotypes for laughs.

    I expected much more.

    • lagusta

      I don’t know…I was more upset with Nic, and the whole idea of compulsory monogamy being upheld at any cost…even though, yeah, the firing of the landscape guy was so cringey.

  2. Randal Putnam

    I need to increase my familiarity with stereotypes so I can be more readily disappointed when they are presented to me. Laboring under the weight of my naivete, I thought the film was engaging and well crafted.

    A friend of mine saw the film and fell off the smoking cessation wagon no more than five minutes after exiting the theater. I understand completely. The film made me TENSE!

    • lagusta

      1) I thought it was engaging, for sure…and I don’t think it reinforces stereotypes, necessarily, just the old gay people are just like straight people!! thing. Which depresses me, because I fucking hate straight people and their boring little relationships. ;) You know, the usual. But then again: I guess in an equal world, we have to have movies like this.

      2) L told me you were worried I was offended by this comment?!?! Actually, truth be told, my friend: I was having such good discussions about the movie in Facebookland, that I sort of forgot to hop back over here and discuss this!

      3) Honestly, offended because we might not dislike the same movie??? Give me a little credit, my friend. And, kindly remember my 15-hour-a-day work schedule and constant low-level exhaustion of the soul. Sometimes, Facebook is just an easier medium for me to quickly engage my mind before the onions burn.

      Much love,
      Not Easily Offended, I Promise


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