Monday (Mostly Mad Men) Miscellany

Yep, it’s Tuesday. What are you going to do about it?

Some bits of interesting flotsam culled from here and there lately:

Marcel the Shell. It’s just on the razor’s edge of so cute it literally hurts, tooth-gnashingly, I-sort-of-want-to-smash-you-to-pieces-because-you’re-so-cute cute, but it falls just on the right side, I think. It’s a wee video voiced and co-written by Jenny Slate, from SNL.

Yo yo yo. Um, I finally saw Wendy and Lucy, which I thought we talked about when I made that list of feminist films…but now that I think about it, I guess it was a Facebook discussion, since there’s no mention of it there (but hey, what a great list!). WOW. Really good, but I had no idea it would be the most depressing move I’ve seen all year. I’m really glad I saw it and loved it on a deep level, but it probably wasn’t the best movie to watch while making chocolates.

Fall is coming, and here’s a scarf-tying guide.

I’ve been unhappy lately. Whatever, it happens. I’m doing some good/hard/awful personal work trying to figure out why this is and what I can do about it. It’s good. I think I’ve identified most of the causes (have I ever mentioned on this blog that my childhood was horrible and set me up for all kinds of fucked-up-ness later in life? Yes? Well, still, allow me to go on for the next month nonstop about it. See, basically, because things were so chaotic and out of control, I became obsessed with order and perfectionism—wait. You don’t live in my household. Maybe I’ll spare you the pain, since I can’t give you kisses and ice cream and tasty meals to make it up to you later.) and am diving into the wreck, as it were to figure out how to solve some of my issues. Fun times. Anyway, when I watched this video, all I could think was: she looks so happy. And I’ve since learned that this is some roundabout commercial for Apple, but still. It’s nice to watch people who look happy. Even if maybe they are paid to look happy with sweatshop dollars.

Christoper Walken filled in for Leonard Lopate on WNYC this week (!!!), and his interview (really more of a conversation) with the chef Lidia Bastianich and her mother (!!) was so beautiful, it nearly gave me chills. Such a New York City-specific beauty was conveyed…man oh man. Segments like this are why I will never start listening to WAMC, the dreadful local NPR affiliate, and am thankful for internet streaming, so I can be surrounded by the excellent WNYC all day.

All the rest are Mad Men-related:

The Project Rungay boys, who I’ve loved for a while because of their Project Runway coverage, have been writing about Mad Men forever and somehow I’ve been missing it. Here’s the link to all of it. Sit down with some nice tea and blow your mind wide open.

More Mad Men.

More more Mad Men.

No, I am not getting bored with Mad Men.

A toast to you, internet.

Lagusta Pauline

4 Responses to “Monday (Mostly Mad Men) Miscellany”

  1. Dustin Rhodes

    I can’t even fucking believe how good Mad Men is this season. And, yes, I too read Project Rungay for the Mad Men coverage.

  2. zoe p.

    Tom and Lorenzo’s Mad Style series – on the specific characters – provides a nice review of different narrative arcs I seem to have forgotten. I feel like the pacing is very different this year. More is said and done in each episode . . .

  3. lagusta


    No worries Randy, I’m all good deep down, just trying to feel a deeper calm. Meditation!!! Very exciting.


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